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(630) Sparrows Order FINALLY Arrived!!


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. Hi Bill, do you the king and queen? i dont think i have seen u use them in an vid but i know you are more into picking rather than raking in your vids. just curious if they are any good?

  2. What was your opinion on the "Octopus" rake? I have had great results with it, at least with the larger keyways. Basically, if it fits it opens! I'm surprised that there is so little information about this great pick!

  3. That's not unusual! Canad post is so slow. I can order something from Texas and it will get to the border in a day, but once it crosses to Canada, our postal service seems to deliver by horse and buggie lol.

  4. Its the same thing the other way around getting something from the US can take so much time, the shipping cost are some time just ridiculous to get it across the border, the shipping company will rip you off with their fee. But for canada delivery Sparrows are fine 2 time orders so far was delivered the next day with ground shipping from Toronto to Montreal

  5. +Pick'n n Grin'n You have replies turned off…
      I have tried Southern Specialties a few times over the years and yes, they are inexpensive picks.  Unfortunately, I found that their picks bent pretty easily and prematurely failed.  Of course, the last time I tried them was a few years ago, so maybe the quality has been upgraded since then.

  6. Nice picks Bill.
    Why dont you try the picks made my Southern Specialties? They are located in the southern U.S. and have been selling high quality low cost thin flat picks for years.

  7. Thats great thanks for sharing, sparrows lock picks are exceptional pieces of kit amazing sets of tool kits love the king and queen picks also – wow 🙂 Must have !

  8. Thanks for the videos Bill. I look forward to every one. Dirk is correct that you should probably get a cut of some Sparrows sales. I ordered from them as well as Peterson using the links from your video. Thanks again.

  9. Ah crud, a month? I ordered from Sparrows since that EDC pouch looked pretty handy from your earlier vids. Might be worth my time just ordering from Southord or Peterson just to get a quick set to practice with. Thought I might have lucked out since it said they were shipped in the day, but I checked the vid description and losing hope fast on that lol

  10. It is NOT Canadas postal service that is slow (must be US) !

    Just got my Sparrows order in Denmark(North EU) only 3 days after dispatch:

    King+Queen (no luck, yet)

    4x flat tension bars (to slim)

    2x Euro Drivers (to fat for Ruko 500)

  11. I literally just received a set of jigglers(well 2, one 10 piece, one 7 piece) from DHGate(after binging on your older dimple pick finding videos) that are almost exactly the same minus the fancy cutouts.  I was super impressed with the quality, laser cuts were not too shabby, and the keys themselves feel very durable and have passed some heavy jiggling.  I was actually surprised how easy it was to turn my vehicle on with one.  I paid a total of about $11.00 and received the package in a weeks time.   Although I'll stick with homemade or Peterson for my picks, you've definitely opened up my mind to importing some fun toys.  

  12. Sparrows has gotten overwhelmed by the amount of orders they started to receive, especially due to the popularity of the BosnianBill YouTube Channel. They are not a manufacturing/distribution operation under one roof. There are different entities involved. Sometimes you get in on the "minimum order", and sometimes you have to wait for them to build up enough to place the manufacturing order. If it's NOT in stock, it could take up to 6 weeks if your on the trailing end of it. (Then add the Postal Service(s) and all kinds of crap could happen)
    Just an FYI.
    Talk soon Brother…

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