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(715) REVIEW: SouthOrd’s MPXS-14 Pick Set


SouthOrd's MPXS-14 Pick Set


Material Quality8.5
Reader Rating: ( 1 vote ) 10

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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. How think are these picks? I will be using them on european locks, will they work for me?

  2. I'm just now starting to learn, but being a member of Massdrop, I saw what looked like a decent deal on the MPXS-20 and C2010 sets and got one of each. I see you did a video on the C2010 and I'm going to watch it next, but my question here is, does what you have to say about this set also apply to the MPXS-20 (since presumably the only difference is the addition of 6 more picks or wrenches)?

    1. Yeah it’s the same but on the mpxs-20 the extra picks have sandwiched handles. It’s the set I use, the only downfall is that there are no slim picks so I’m screwed every time I face a heavily warded lock.

  3. I bought this set of picks before I found your channel. Nice to know I made a good first choice for a change.

    What do you think of using tool handle dip for the pick handles?

  4. I have one pretty similar to this and I'm fairly happy with it. Downside is, I can sit and spend a long time trying a lock. The medal does tend to start hurting my fingers after a while. Don't know if I should round the edges of the handle a bit more or just deal with it. Really good feedback for a noob like myself though.

    I'm up to 4 spools and 1 standard – 5pin locks now. Question… Where can I get different types of security pins from? Something different than a typical spool pin.

    1. Try shrink wrap from Home Depot it’s like $2 a pack and it has 4 or 5 in it.

  5. Nice review, well explained, what else from the master of "pickery"! I still prefer Peterson for the tactile and quality of their products. I recently tried a few A1 Security Mfg. picks, not bad but a little sharp edged.

  6. My purchase of the pxs-14 the other day and they are currently in the mail. I was wondering if you have any videos of you using the ball picks ? i did not see any in your list.

    1. Use it like a rake, it’s made for wafer locks but you can use it for pin tumblers as well (half ball). They’re made fully round so it’s easier to attack double sided wafer locks.

  7. Just ordered this pick set. Trying to get into the hobby after watching your videos for the past month or so. Thanks for the review. I cant wait to get these.

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  9. Thanks so much Bill, somehow this video slipped by and I didn't see it before I sent you the message. I have been pretty happy with mine so far. One thing that I mentioned in the note and you did in the video was the slight finish work that I am going to do to slick them up a bit and make them a little more "less edgey" I guess is the best way to put it. Thanks again for the video and have a safe week.


  10. I picked up this set, as a noob (and still am), I am a first time commenter, I did get the non euro profile ( the thicker set/ non slimline) and I have found it a great set, much better feel than the uber cheap Chinese set I started with, I got the PXS-14 set (non slimline) , I find it a little thick for euro profile locks, but really nice to open wide key ways (oval / some cheap stuff). A fantastic thumbs up to BosnianBill He and Waddac2 (wadda C 2) got me into the sport. keep the videos a comming I love them all, I learn something new everyday. My skills will improve with Bosnianbills great videos and as my ability to purchase good training locks. but that will come in time. It's a budget hobby at the moment, but a BIG thumbs uo to the man (BB) for his great videos. I am slowly building my lock collection and hope one day to be as good as "BosnianBill" or "Waddac2" both are great.
    I do recommend watching as many of BB's video's if you are a learner, not to sound a dufus but I have learned much from him, I admit I know enough to know how much of a starter I am and I really appreciate all that "Bill" does to "clue me up".
    Well done that man (and waddac2)

  11. I've just startet picking some weeks ago and the market for picks over her in the EU (germany) dosn't seem to bee as good as in the US, so I landed on the C801 set from Southord. It contains some picks less than the MPXS-14 but it seems to be a good beginning. The only little problem is the metal – it seems to be a little to soft, some picks are a little bend after some uses. I like a lot the twisted wrench, with this you don't need to pay too much attention to the tension. A real good start to an new, unknown lock is the shown snake, it works very well on simple bittings. The other rake works also very vell in most cases – simple bittings are open in a few seconds.

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