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(724) Review: SouthOrd C-2010 Euro Picks


SouthOrd C-2010 Euro Picks


Material Quality9.0
Reader Rating: ( 8 votes ) 9.1

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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. nice kit. im a beginner at lock picking and im looking for a new lock pick set because if getting old and breaking

  2. That’s a great looking set I have yet to use a bought set but I am saving up for the sparrow set with the three practice locks and extra picks

  3. I’ve recently obtained a licence so I can carry lockpick legally in my Country. I’m looking for a nice set for me and thought about SouthOrd. I think it would be nice set for begginer like me, but You can’t buy them in my country. Being honest it’s hard to buy any lock picks here. So I must order them abroad.

  4. I bought a set of these about 3 years ago and apart from the addition of a Peterson Gem and a s SERE Bogota set they have served me well. No bent or broken picks and have covered everything from noname Chinese stuff through, Abus and Gege padlocks and euros. For 40mm (and smaller) Corbin and Ifam padlocks something thinner would be useful.

    The short hook was my go to pick with the medium hook playing backup, small half diamond the de Forest, City & S rakes being permitted to stay in the case.

    I bought a Sparrows Vorax set recently, but find myself reaching for the shallow hook and having to force myself to experiment with the new set

  5. Bill, could you make a video of you opening a lock still in a door? Not in a vise. I know it is inconvenient, but I would like to see the whole ball of wax at least once. Thanks in advance.

  6. Hey Bosnianbill, do you work for or know the owners of Sparrows lockpicks? You have a lot of their products in your videos and their website uses your quote "stay safe, stay legal". Are they mates of yours?

  7. Good review.
    I used the C2010 kit to begin with, the partial hook (as SouthOrd call it) on the right was my favorite pick shape.
    After a while it thins and a replacement is needed, this is where I found the problem the replacement picks are terrible, the metal is extremely soft, the locks wear away the side faces thinning the pick very quickly.
    The pick in the C2010 set is way more durable than its replacement. The original lasted me months of daily use for several hours, which I found to be fair use and acceptable, the replacement I sometimes wear out 2 picks for 1 lock, in under 15 minutes spent picking.

    Others stateside have said it's not the case, this makes me wonder if the replacement hooks sent here are different/the seconds.
    As the same does not occur with any pick of any other brand I am having to use now, including 1 homemade pick someone sent me.

    It is a shame as the shape of the C2010 partial hook is ideal for me in use.

  8. Great review Bill. Video quality speaks for it self with the subscribers. Getting near that 150k mark. Hope eBay didn't forget to send the their 100k plaque.

  9. So… the other day, I was trying to find myself a lock to begging with and since I couldn't find any at home, I visited the hardware store. I was trying to find a really bad one and I ended up with a "made in China", 6 pin, 4 euro "Egret" lock. I've been trying to open it all day for the past 4-5 days and I couldn't do shit.Can't even get a single pin to bind! I'm using a hair clip or whatever it is with the tip bent about 40 degrees as a pick and a paperclip fold over itself and twisted as a tension wrench. I gotta say, my pick looks pretty damn good! I've even made a silicon handle for it. Anyway. As I said, this is my first ever lock to single pin pick and I'm really losing faith. Could it be the lock itself that makes things hard or just my lack of skill / tools? (for real though, my pick looks extremely good for what its made of!)

  10. Hey Bill, I've been picking for a few months now. I don't have an official pick set, I use what i call "ghetto picks" (homemade tension wrenches and bobby pins xD). I gave only came across one lock that i just cant pick. i was wonder if you could pick it in a video one day. The American Lock series 2500. Tricky little bastard.

  11. I've had this set now for about 10 years and I love it, however last year the zip broke on the case so that was a shame. The tension wrench that you showed at 2:16 for shutter locks I didn't get, instead I had a spring tension wench. Great videos bill keep them coming.

  12. are you going to make a show where you place the pins back in? i like to know how your able to do it in the first place lol seems pretty hard to me.

  13. also got a new set. its the x1700 from pickology, a uk company. there is a rake there that does smiley locks very nicely, will post a review shortly, well worth checking out.

  14. I was just wondering why you don't use rocker picks on most common locks its faster and easier I made a set there's 8 double sided can open most locks very fast just wondering why you don't use this method much?

  15. Hi Bill, I'd like to thank you for making me check my security, until I saw your videos I thought that my Master Lock was a good option to secure my motorcycle with. LOL. You've earned another sub =)

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