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(725) Review: Peterson “Eagles Nest” Pick Set


Peterson "Eagles Nest" Pick Set


Material Quality9.0
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This is one of Peterson’s newest offerings and puts some of the most popular picks, as well as their famous TOK “Pry bars” all into a new ballistic nylon case.  All of the picks measure 0.025″ with one welcome exception:  the new 0.018″ Bogota.  Also included is a 6-piece BOK tension tool set.  Check out the video for all the details. Peterson offers two versions of this kit, the $63 electro-less nickel coated picks (EAG-PS-ENP) and the $84 government steel model (GSP-EAG-PS).  The $84 also gets you an extra pry bar in 0.050″.  The kit does not contain any 0.015″ picks and is not appropriate for most European locks with restricted keyways.



  1. Beautiful set! “Eagles Nest” makes it sound really nice somehow. I would love to have a set of Peterson picks.

  2. I have just bought a Gem, and love it would love to win this.. we cant get then in new Zealand we have to guy out of OZ

  3. I have one Peterson bogota pick so far and really like the feel. Looks like a great set w some great tension tools as well.

  4. Sparrows makes a twin peak & triple peak in .015″, along with 3 hooks. They do quite well for me too. I wish they would make their version of the gem, a DeForest and a some others, but it is what it is. I am having some 301 sheet steel laser cut in down Sao Palo, and another gentleman is doing some other stainless for me in Romania. I never know what will work for me, but more and more I am finding out what won’t work. I have raked open Master locks with bent paperclips, melted plastic forks & knives, scraps of wire, cut banding straps, a melted pocket comb, ground down box clips, and my usual electrician’s fish tape tension wrench. One job I was working on, was in such a bad area, the storage container was tampered with every night. Eventually someone just cut a new door in it with an oxy-acetylene torch. Another day I showed up for work, and their were two dead men laid out on the ground with produce boxes over the their heads. Another day I showed up, and their was a dead man in a truck out front. They died from natural causes. Death after being shot in the head 3 to 6 times seems pretty natural to me. The two idiots with the boxes were fighting over stolen furniture. We never found out about the guy in the truck. Not a suicide, is all I know.

  5. Thanks Bob! I’m learning a ton and making a list to create my optimal kit. I found you on youtube and have been glued to this site for an entire day. There’s so much to learn. Since I decided to get into picking, a month ago, I have already improved a great deal. I work in law enforcement and having some picking skills woulda saved a number of door and been a huge benefit in countless situations. I’m encouraged by the knowledge I’ve already gained, optimistic about my future abilities and waiting for the time when this skill will save the day.

  6. This is an awesome set, im new to lock picking and i would love a set like this 😀

  7. Hi bill iam a verry big fan of ur lock lab in the states but i am not working at the moment. and i would just love two own one of the lock pick sets for myself as i love a good challance with a lock that hasen’t being cracked. i would be verry greatfull if you could consider this for me.

  8. Look’s like a really nice set to me 😉 Thank,s Bill, I done what you said about polishing and my Sparrow’s are as smooth as silk.

  9. Would never disagree with you normally, Bill, but to say companies don't have the time to finish their picks properly doesn't wash. I would never spend the amounts you do but if I did I would be pissed to find I have to do it myself.

  10. You missed out on Peterson's "collectors edition" padded pick case. He may have produced those at a later date. I just ordered the Eagles Nest with the collectors edition case. Pretty damn excited.

  11. I was unable to pick my dead bolt with the creeper set, I then tried my wallet sized Bogota set from serepick and picked it in 3 seconds. My Bogota set is much smoother. I use it all the time at work as a Firefighter. If we go to a fire alarm some of the rooms are locked and then tenant doesn't have the key so most of the time we break down the door to turn of the alarm. I just use my Bogota picks and they work great! so Anyway I think I'm going to return my Creeper set, and try out either the Peterson Eagles nest, or ghost set,Then get some locks somehow to practice on.

  12. And when I've seen most of your videos you seem to favor the Petersons from what I can tell. I don't think I've seen a video where you used a Sparrows pick. I could be wrong tho.

  13. As far as the length and width I mean overall length. And by width I don't mean how much dipped plastic I mean from one side to another looking straight down on it from above it just seems small to me. So I figured that they made them that way specifically to fit that type of kit. Then again I've never owned any sparrows brand picks either. I have another question. How can I get some locks to practice picking on? I'm not trying to buy any new locks from the store.
    Thanks for replying.

  14. No sir it isn't the appearance of them at all. the handles seem to be very short, for my overly large hands. I was wondering if all the sparrows sets IE the picks are the same length and width?

  15. Hey bill I bought the creeper set from sparrows but it's not what I expected. I'm thinking about returning it. I like the Eagles nest set from Peterson, and the ghost set in your opinion which is the better pick set? Also should I return the sparrows set and get the Petersons? I'm starting this as a hobby and I want a good set to last me a while. I don't want southord, or HPC. Can you help?

  16. Hey bill, I've started to get my pick collection going and have mainly been getting mine from sparrows.. the prices seem better and i prefer the page (to Peterson's). the one thing I'm looking for is a good thin knife for getting into combination padlocks as there are heaps of them around down here in New Zealand. The problem is finding good steel that's very thin. Do you have any recommendations? Peterson's and sparrows have a few but they don't talk about how thin they are.. Thanks for any information – appreciated :)

  17. I got this set, I added a short hook, and a .018 gem and hook and .015 gem. case is bulging but it's got everything you need.

  18. I was thinking about getting some lockpicks. Wanting to learn to pick locks. Do you think that this set would be good to start with and for EDC? Thank you for the great videos!!!

  19. I like Petersons but really feel they bend you over for the shipping. I means charging 9 bucks to ship 2 flat Tony tension wrenches in a letter envelope?? That taking advantage of people. And I am one state away from them… So I Ordered my entire set of tension wrenches from sparrows in Canada for the price of a single tension wrench and the shipping from Peterson would cost… No brainer there Petersons of you guys are paying attention. You lost a customer because he wanted to buy just a single tension wrench and you wanted to bend him over on the shipping if such a tiny item. Now I will buy sparrows and their finish work on their wrenches are better too… If I where you Peterson I would change your ways as the competition is going to beat you. Not to mention that old clunky website is terrible.

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