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(766) Review: GOSO 24-Piece Lock Pick Kit (JUNK!)


GOSO 24-Piece Lock Pick Kit


Material Quality2.0
Reader Rating: ( 3 votes ) 4.1

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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. Where did you find that kit? The one I got was much better quality. There were some things that were the same quality. But mine, the metal doesn't bend that easy, and it doesn't have a sharp edge or all that excess plastic. But I got mine directly from the Goso company. But you didn't even try the kit out, which is what I would expect someone doing a review would do.

  2. are they too thick for european locks? my girlfriend ordered a set for me, she wanted to surprise me. do you think i could use some of them at least?

  3. If you buy a 30 piece wood carving kit for less than the price of one premium quality fishtail gouge, how well do you think those will be made? I can spend a weekend sharpening them to shave ready, & the metal is so poor & inconsistent, some will bend some will break, maybe two will be worth keeping.

  4. wow I have a set of them and think they are nice yes needed a little cleaning up but work great in some locks and mine are hard to bend I wonder if you got a bad set as far as bending do ez

  5. Someone said earlier they don't know why Bosnian Bill would get a thumbs down any of his videos. I now know why. I have a strong inclination to thumbs down this vid but not for Bosnian Bill but as ADVERSION TO THOSE TERRIBLE PIECES OF METAL! Bosnian Bill would just be getting caught in the riff.

  6. When I first wanted to try picking, I bought exactly this kit. I have yet to ever use it… I just immediately bought a Peterson, and some individual sparrow.

  7. I think the newer sets must be A LOT cheaper in build quality, mine are far better. The metal is stronger and springs back, it takes a lot of force to bend it and I'm far from weak.

    I'm using mine now and the one that is like a city rake is the one I use for getting padlocks open in seconds, a few rakes and sometimes a rocking motion and the locks pop open.

    Edges on mine are far smoother and you can barely tell which side is the punched side, the plastic is fairly smooth too.

    The set came in a nice little two compartment bag, not the best quality ever but better than a lot of cheap sets.

    Seems a shame Goso are getting worse in build quality (I wouldn't pick them over a lot of the more expensive sets but they are lasting me well for a cheap set and I don't have a very gentle touch).

  8. I bought this set when I first started out, and managed to pick quite a lot of locks, and they're still going strong now. The tension tools in my set were all deformed at the ends and needed some work to make them usable ….. I do however wish that I saw this video before purchasing … "You buy cheap … You buy twice"

  9. You're commenting that the ergonomics are wrong in that they point the wrong way. At least for european style cyinders they are typically installed such that you pick with the long end of the lock pointing down, so it would work here.

  10. from stiglocks..r bill I thought ide explane to u that southord  piks the thick ones whith the grey plastic v nice handles and v strong but it is very expensive butt in the sett I got a smll diamond rake that you didn't  think was any good due to the tin metal butt the strong expensive one I bought from southord much better exipment bill …………

  11. I love having a large quantity of very slight differences in short hooks.Short hooks are my absolute favorite pick. The half-snowman is great for jiggling open the lowest-security wafer locks. However, I can tell they are garbage by their appearance and being such an incredibly soft metal. There are MUCH BETTER picks that are actually MUCH MUCH CHEAPER that i've bought many sets of that are higher quality, better handles and stronger metal that aren't plated/coated so they can be polished safely.

  12. Love this series. As cheap as I am I was still pretty skeptical of these kits that are at that price point and with so many options in the kit. Less is more if they're quality is the theme I'm finding.

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