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(768) Review: KLOM 9-piece Lock Pick Kit (JUNK!)


KLOM 9-piece Lock Pick Kit


Material Quality2.0
Reader Rating: ( 3 votes ) 2.5

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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. Guys, it's a pretty decent set. Of course, it's nothing professional, but I got this set along with a practise lock for $10 including shipping costs. It's great to start picking with, to see if you like the hobby. If you do, you buy a decent set with some decent locks to practice on. Don't be too discouraged to buy it, it's not as terrible as he makes it out to be. Sure, it can bend, but you don't pick horizontal you pick vertical. Sure, there's no great rakes in it, but hell, it's a starter kit.

  2. C'est le premier kit que j'ai acheté pour débuter. Je confirme que les outils ne sont pas top. Ils se tordent facilement, et sont seulement chromés, mais bon pour débuter pas cher, pourquoi pas.
    D'ailleurs je viens de découvrir des picks de qualité avec le kit Southord C801, merci Bill.

  3. I got this set for $2.97 still in the drawer. I wonder if getting them redhot & quenching them will make em stronger, I seen it work on old peterson picks, rytan picks are awesome for feedback but bend easy cause the neck is real narrow. I may try a heat treatment on a couple old rytan picks because they work so good and the feedback is the best I have seen yet.

  4. Hmm… first thought I had a GoSo set but no, it's this one instead.
    Still.. they shipped it for free so can't really complain… can I?
    I'll ask Santa for a good set then but X-mass is so far off 🙁
    Thanks for the free advice :-)

  5. I got an identical set from a Chinese company when I was just starting to pick locks. It worked fine on Master locks, but beyond that, I very quickly started to notice their limitations. I reshaped a couple of the hooks more to my liking, but as Bill said, the metal is too soft and they got very bendy. But they got me started in this hobby, so I have a soft spot for these pieces of crap….

  6. My brother got me this set a couple years ago and I have used it in quite a few dire situations even with my very basic knowledge of lock picking. It served me well but has recently been replaced by a more durable set. Just so you know at least I got some use from it

  7. I got a set like this from Banggood and even though they look the same they are more springy and don't bend as easy as the ones in the video.  I also got a Klom type pick gun from Banggood and it's total junk.  When I tried to use it the screws came out and the pick blade fell off so I can't recommend getting anything from Banggood.

  8. The handles aren't upside down. Hold it like it's your bottom chopstick and they conform naturally around the thumb, with the pick facing up for working.

  9. My set arrived today. In my defence I'd ordered them before watching this!
    Luckily -and I use the word loosely – I got them from a Chinese website so only paid a couple of pounds. It was a couple of pounds too much.
    I had trouble getting a micrometer on them because they not only bend down their length, they bend across their width, which takes some doing on something a couple of mm wide.
    You couldn't do a worse job if you took a pair of scissors to a soda can.

  10. 10 bucks? you overpaid, I remember getting this set for about 4 bucks (maybe even under 4) off deal extreme. Still have the tension wrench (well the normal one, not the shit flat one) that I use time to time, can't speak for the rest of the picks though. I've had worse from deal extreme.

  11. Got the blue handle ones off amazon and have picked every lock in my house at least 20 times! No problem yet! It came with a practice lock as well ! It's been ok so far but would like a better set!

  12. Hi… I bought this "SET" 5-6 times since 2005. Sets are not made the same from year to year, other than they LOOK the same… My stets range from 40-Thousands of an inch 0.040" all the way down to two sets made at 0.020"… The exception; what seems to be the dimple-type / Bent flat style pick, those are at either 0.032" or 0.045" thick. I have some of these as buried / hidden emergency sets, that I often forget to remember WHERE I put them. Not a big loss there, $3.88 from China or $3.99 from the USA, and that's with Shipping!!! A Lot of those have not been used much, however the ones I have used have NEVER Broken. YES; better/cheaper than Home-Brew but almost ALL Hooks…. / DrDaveUSA, Creator of SPARROWS Sandman.

  13. I bought this exact set. Opened about ten locks so far but have nothing to compare it to. I wish this video series would have come out sooner. Enjoying every video.

  14. when I was picking I purchased a couple of these pick sets for $4 each (including shipping to UK).
    They more than performed adequately on all European keyways and saved my good Peterson picks also.
    I also pick my first Medeco biaxial 6pin with sidebar with these picks. Not only that but I know for a fact Solomon (Dr.Bint) has been using them for years with no problems either……that's one of the reasons I bought them.

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