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(769) Review: KLOM 18-piece Lock Pick Kit (JUNK!)


KLOM 18-piece Lock Pick Kit


Material Quality2.0
Reader Rating: ( 3 votes ) 0.7

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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. It does suck. BUT it is the first and only pick kit i have bought and i have yet to find a lock i couldn’t open. I cant wait to get a decent pick then i guess. lol

  2. Thanks Bill, I don’t have much money right now and I am really tired of purchasing JUNK!! Businesses don’t seem to care much about quality anymore, and that stinks. So I would like to thank you once again for your time and generosity.

  3. I bought this kit as a starter cuz I'm a nooby and even i can see the drawbacks as i use it. They are too soft and some of the picks are not very useful. Good bottom tier kit for people like me tho.

  4. I have the larger edition of this kit, with the handles marked 'secure pro' but otherwise the same. I like using it, they take more abuse than you'd probably imagine out of disposables. That is what they are, of course. The tension wrenches in my kit were much more durable than the picks, and included the scissor wrench for car doors. I'd have paid more for that one wrench from sparrow or peterson than for the whole disposable kit of Klom 'tools', so I'd give them more consideration and say add them to your collection. Don't count on them to learn, or to work with, or to be anything more than disposables. They will bridge the gap sometimes and have what you need.

  5. It appears that Klom's quality has fallen very far. They were never in the same league as any of the non-chinese produced picks, but were actually quite good for the money. I have a kit that has almost an identical looking case, but with picks that have green handles and black accents (just looked quickly, there are some Amazon sellers selling the other kit – but it is twice the price). I have been using these picks for years, and the steel is much more stout than the ones in your video. A few picks have broken through the years, but probably only 2 out of 30 or so – and they have been used HEAVILY. If you have the funding, I would try picking up a set of the other kit for review. It was one of the best purchases I made when I was starting out, and I still use those picks on occasion. Hopefully the green handled versions are still decent.

  6. They are nice if you want to learn and decide if lockpicking is your cup of tea, for the "most" part They are junk. The case is crap, I've had the picks actually poke throught the case. The longer tention wrench is in my opinion is worthless. Good review Bill.

  7. ummmm, i kinda disagree with you this time i have this kit for a long time and have used it quite a bit. The handles are very good and confortable. The nº 10 is the one i use most of the time and for european locks and small padlocks it works perfect.
    I know its not the best quality and the finish could be better but for me it has been a great buy.

  8. From a distance, they look BEAUTIFUL, however, in my opinion, any picks that have a coating on the metal, are garbage, because I like to be able to polish and modify picks, so if they plate it with chrome, when you file, sand and polish, that plating is removed and they plate things, to prevent the cheaper metal from being destroyed by oxygen exposure, so that means, it's garbage. I love the case, however, I wouldn't buy this set unless it was $2 shipped. $16 is a rip off. Also, the picks aren't identical, they have slight differences, but back to the chrome plated, means nothing else matters, toss em.

  9. Amazon pisses me off they are getting worse and worse by what they allow to happen on their site both in phony fake reviews and in product descriptions. It's getting so bad how these Chinese sellers are cheating the system the only way to fight back is to be sure to ask for a complete refund and make it so it's not profitable for those sellers to conduct shady business on Amazon. It's the only way those sellers will understand. Also stopping the fake PAID reviewers that crap has to stop too.

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