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(777) Review: Mad Bob’s Ghost Pro Kit


Mad Bob's Ghost Pro Kit


Material Quality9.0
Reader Rating: ( 37 votes ) 7.6

A recommended kit by several of our UK friends, the Mad Bob’s Ghost Pro was quite a nice surprise!  Constructed of stainless steel, these picks are hand finished and look GREAT!  Very well polished and with all the edges rounded, it comes packed in a very durable nylon webbing case.  The picks include EVERYTHING a beginner and advanced picker could possibly need for pin tumbler locks, to include top of the keyway (TOK) tension wrenches!  This kit is a DEAL! Highly recommended.



  1. Great review, shame about the long wait for these. Would be great to get these, just what I need!

  2. Bill, just so you know, if I were to win these I would respond immediately so that you could get them sent out and thus help keep your shop clean. I just want to do my part to help you out!

    Keep up the great vid’s and I love the new website – soooooo much information!

  3. Looks like a well finished product. I like the king and queen picks too. Thanks for the review.

  4. Look like a nice set! Broke a few picks cos i thinned them down, these would fill the gap! 😉

  5. Hey bill, thanks for the videos and reviews. I found a pick kit and started playing with it, but hit a wall, I needed direction on getting better then just raking open simple locks I found you and it was a game changer.

  6. Mad bob’s is sold out for now, your vid caused a stampede, so I guess I will just have to hope I win

  7. It does look like a beautiful set. The web site says there is a 5 week lead time before they might actually ship it though. Can anyone confirm this? Might be a deterrent to me purchasing one.

  8. after many years of making and fitting security roller shutters my back knees and shoulders have told me to pack it in ,but one must put bread on the table so I decided to look into becoming a locksmith ,still in security but a lot lighter!!
    I then came across one of your videos,loved the humble style and presentation,I have now gone back to the very begining ,I had made a couple of picks based on a few inferior videos I had watched,did’nt do to bad opened a shutter lock,remembered to pick it twice! opened a bullet lock and a cheap pad lock thats when my home made pick packed up having made it from a jigsaw blade I then see your vid ‘making a pick’ first bit of info ‘try not to use an hacksaw blade’ so I have’nt got enough time to make picks I have to get practising on opening locks!!
    so the set of picks of ‘mad bobs’ just reviewed would be ideal ,so if I dont win them I will be onto mad bob for a set.

  9. Hi Bill,I’ve just gotten into picking recently and your videos have really helped me. thank you, and keep em coming.

  10. I love it. It would make for a great starter lock picking kit for me. Have been wanting to get into picking for awhile now. Love your videos man. Thanks!

  11. Love MadBob Products. Would LOVE to have this. Don’t own a set but used a friends and they are great quality. Saving up for a set.

  12. Awesome picks for a great price. It took me a while to get my Peterson’s to that level of finish and they were $8 a piece. Thanks for the heads up on quality for price sets.

  13. these look like something I would never use because I’d be too afraid to get them dirty 😉

  14. Sweet set. I love to see craftsman who are proud of their work & the products they produce. Getting rarer these days

  15. That looks amazing!!! I love the design, I want one of these so bad as my first kit!

  16. Rocking and unlocking over in Scotland watch all ur vids pure quality big man fa tha wee man ;))

  17. First time on your site. From what I’m seeing I think I may be too late for this but others are still commenting so I will too. Just recently became interested in lock picking and would love to have this set. Hell, my step-father Bob would love for me to have this set.

  18. Nice really liking the look and quality of these picks would love to have this kit Bob.

  19. Ever since you published the review I’ve tried to purchase the kit.
    Alas, it looks like they can’t fetch up with the flood of orders coming in.

  20. The more I watch your videos, the more I want a Sparrows kit! Thanks again!

  21. Beautiful kit, really seems like a minimalist kit, everything you need without anything you don’t. Love the attention to detail even down to the case. I think anybody buying this kit shouldn’t have any reason to complain and whoever wins it is a lucky person.

  22. Very nice kit but am looking forward to seeing your name on the next one. Keep up the great reviews.

  23. Looks like a really good bargain and the case is well made for that price I’m thinking of ordering one

  24. I would really love to win this pick set, considering how cheap I am and still do not own one. I have been looking for my 1st lock pick set for quite a long time now. If I don’t win this one, I believe this will be the set I purchase. Thanks Bill, your a great instructor!!!

  25. that is an amazing kit, good hook and reaches. We all have hooks so one hook in the kit is enough but that reach,the offset ball and the rakes are are not so common in kit and they are really useful, and everything sanded, great Finnish. I want one.

  26. I’m just getting started learning lock picking. Your reviews and all other videos have been very educational. Thanks for the opportunity.

  27. That is very interesting, You are an overly professional blogger. I have joined your rss feed and look ahead to seeking extra of your great post. Also, I have shared your site in my social networks!

  28. My first set of picks arrived today from Mad Bob. I got the rake and pick set. Took me ten seconds to open my first lock. V Happy with my purchase on your recommendation.

  29. From the Madbob website, "Temporarily cleaned out by Tribe Bosnianbill. Please be aware, we cannot reply to GMX emails. Sorry for the inconvenience." lol

  30. Thanks for this great review. I just placed the order but still have a doubt. Why this set would be good for European locks with picks 0.0236in thick while you said that the Peterson City set would definetely not be good with 0.025 inch? The difference seems negligible.

  31. I woke up at 5AM to make sure I got a chance to preorder these picks. I bought both of the kits and the tension wrench set… Can't wait till they show up…

  32. Yes! Mad Bob's Ghost sets are available for preorder again!

    Pretty soon… I will truly be part of the tribe 🙂

    Thanks BosnianBill for this great review!!!!!

  33. Hi! Bill, I am going to buy a lock pick set, I already have one that is spring steel but I don't like it, I want a stainless steel type of kit, or durable like such, I can only afford between $20-$50 and I want a good one that will last as I won't be buying another one, and recommendations?

  34. I'm quite happy to see that Mad Bob is struggling to meet demands. It means they're not compromising on quality to rush quantity out the door.

  35. gd review iv had this pick set a fair while now,glad people are catching on what excellent picks they make,they do a nice custom set with wooden handles all hand finished,very gd prices.

  36. id love to win these picks they do look like the best out there so far all the plcks I have are ruff and pore qualit an it is hard to find the botota pick I will keep my fingers cross hope I can win thank you

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