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(784) Review: H&H 30-Piece Pick Set


H&H 30-Piece Pick Set


Material Quality5.0
Reader Rating: ( 5 votes ) 5.1

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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. one thing these would be great for is to make your own picks. drill out the 2 rivits and tap them for set screws when the tips break. you will end up with a pick you like and a really nice handle

  2. wow nice kit, Im still making my own picks, have yet to own a store bought one :/ 😛 still looking for a decent Bogota rake template, the ones I found on google are not that great

  3. I know it's too late for an entry, but just wanted to share that the word staubsauger became part of a meme to me and my friends ever since Peter Sellers used it in a Pink Panther movie. He's trying to enter the rooms in some hotel, using the phrase: "Guten Tag, staubsauger". But the way he says it, it sounds more like "Guten Tag, staubzucker". So to this day, whenever I'm by my friends, instead of saying "Hi, how are you?" It's more or less obligatory to greet with "Guten Tag, staubzucker" in a fake german accent.
    Another thing, could someone please give a hint to a good search word for where to find this kit in europe?

  4. i have this set and was £30 in the UK so not to expensive i'm very new to lock picking and one of the no so popular ones i think you called it the "wave" Bill raked a master lock in around 5sec not the best test but it did open it,lol

  5. I think that sawblade one could be used for old Toyota locks. Even though you can open the doors with ice cream stick.

  6. I am looking at purchasing the h&h pick set. I was wondering where you get your top of the key way tension wrenches? I would like to get a set. thanks!! And keep up the great work. your channel has gotten me more into lock picking.

  7. chuffed to see my name in the list of sponsors! shame about the slight spelling mistake (Liam with an M), oh well lol… great work tho bill, its always a pleasure watching your stuff :D

  8. Thanks for the review BBill! I am a stickler for quality metal so that can possibly be the breaking factor for this set but it looks good and your overall review seems to be good enough for me, although, you don't recommend it. Plus, even though you don't see much use for those weird rakes, I'm sure I will find a lock that needs such weirdness. I'm going to get one for aesthetic value, and those dimple rakes. Thanks again! p.s. the handles are nice, indeed, but look to be a tad bit on the bulky side. I won't tell anyone, though.

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