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(794) Review: Readyman Survival Tools


Readyman Survival Tools


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When a viewer pointed me towards the Readyman.com website I was flabbergasted by the variety of laser cut, stainless steel credit card-sized tools they had.  Everything from sewing needles to fishing lures, to lock pick and escape kits.  I originally intended to order only the lock pick version of the card but….got weak and ordered everything except the medical kit.  I found ALL of the kits to be very high quality, precision lasered, and well polished.  At only $12.95 they are very competitively priced and high quality.  Whether your are a survivalist, lock picker, or just want to be ready for everything, you’ll find something useful at the Readyman.com website.



  1. junk…maybe 2 uses if your lucky…bent the hook and snake rake on the first lock picking a spool pin…m not even prying…expect this as a one use "tool" …get em at gun shows for cheaper…or 13 with free shipping on Amazon..if you want to waste your money…personally I'd rather buy $13 worth of southord jacknife replacement picks at 1.65 each and tape them to one of those thin pharmacy cards you get in the mail for free…way more durable…more uses…more picks/options n less money…oh and they'll actually work….just sayin

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