Home Reviews (798) Review: HUK Red Tiger Pick Set (JUNK!)

(798) Review: HUK Red Tiger Pick Set (JUNK!)


HUK Red Tiger Pick Set


Material Quality1.0
Reader Rating: ( 1 vote ) -Infinity

This kit looked SO good in the advertising picture online.  Several of you saw it and asked me to grab one up and give it a try, so I ordered it from the UK and paid the extra freight, holding great hope for it.  When I opened it and found that the picks weren’t quite what we expected, I might have allowed disappointment to creep into my voice.  The picks themselves are poorly shaped and made from some kind of spring steel, sanded down from 0.050″ stock.  The tips tapered down to a somewhat working thickness, but would not fit into many of my padlocks past about 1″, and I was unable to get them to work.  DO NOT BUY THIS KIT!!

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