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(805) Review: Peterson Breacher (PLUS) Pick Kit


Peterson Breacher Kit


Material Quality9.0
Reader Rating: ( 2 votes ) 6.8


Peterson built this kit based on the U.S. Army specifications for their breacher teams.  They are all 0.025″ thick “government steel”, which must be a version ASTM 301 cold rolled steel.  I CAN tell you that the government steel is very durable and will take a LOT of abuse before failing.  The little kit fits nicely into the leather case and the cost, direct from ThinkPeterson.com at a rather pricey $57.  If you live in Europe or attack a lot of paracentric or narrow keyways, this kit may be a bit thick for routine use, so I’d recommend looking at the same picks in 0.015″ or 0.018″ thickness instead.



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  2. Our headset ended up being since breathtaking while in photo. Things appeared quickly. I’d encourage choosing a towel done every one coating as you hit that it out w / one steam iron. It does not vapor off among merely a steamer. That the iron ended up being necessary. It is very delicate, so if you don’t trust yourself with all the towel additionally steam iron, subsequently take it to a certified. Striking noise.

  3. I’ve got several frames, the particular traditional concise brown, and then the common high proverb. These are generally quite nice and fairly style. Simply put i waterproof them both and not aided by the hoover board 10 spew having distinct type of squirt. My favorite dark colored your did get a touch the water impure and yet my own chestnut a person’s have never (I have been previously rigorous will not produce these individuals in the rain nevertheless) The black colored people too colored my own stockings. Still, I actually really enjoy him or her i require a married couple far more couples in the near future! They are tremendously fine.

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  5. I'm surprised you didn't get bashed for saying "chick" lol. Thanks for the vids!! Even though I've watched a bunch of your vids lately (found a new hobby to spend money on); but, I still haven't figured out the best kit to get. Or should I say, the kit that looks the coolest to me, lol. I did get a see through practice lock and vice to practice on , so I guess I'm moving forward :-)

  6. +bosnianbill Bill, really enjoy all of videos. I know you have some DIY videos, but any chance you could do a video on building a new high security lock and core? these videos have peeked a new hobby I'd like to take up.

  7. Got a bit similar to Ron Popeil there, Bill. That may sound snarky, but honestly it was really nice that you added those additional Peterson picks.

  8. Awesome! I picked my first real lock last night (a file cabinet I had gotten for free because it was locked and the key was lost) and it was a great feeling when it finally clicked open.

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