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(808) Review: Serepick Bogota Pi Set


Serepick Bogota Pi Set


Material Quality8.5
Reader Rating: ( 11 votes ) 5

If you’re looking for an emergency kit to keep in your back pocket, this is one of the best I’ve seen.  The titanium picks fit nicely into a credit card-sized case to slip discreetly into your wallet, ready to face any lockout situation you find yourself in.  The Bogotas are standard sized picks with reduced handles to remain compact, so they’re not for everyday use.  As an emergency set, they are IDEAL.  Cost is $45 direct from Serepick.com.



  1. Hey I have a question for bosianbill I got a set of lock picks from Amazon and the edges are pretty sharp should I maybe do sumpthin about that or leave it

  2. Would have thought that emergency sets would have been made of steel due to its greater durability which allows for slimmer build, but seems like they work regardless. That would definitely be an interesting set to begin a lockpicking hobby.

  3. Sweet! I had one of those wallet READYMAN kits things but I ended up punching them all out trying to use them then lost them. This would be a great replacement.

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