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(809) Review: LT-620 Automobile Pick Set


LT-620 Automobile Pick Set


Material Quality6.5
Reader Rating: ( 2 votes ) 7.6

This whole review started with a tiny, blurry picture on the Amazon website.  Some of you had seem it, along with the two excellent reviews, and asked me to order one of the kits and post a review.  Priced at $115 it was a big risk and I couldn’t understand why, at that price, the seller couldn’t offer a better picture and description.  Anyway, that’s why we’re doing these LockLab reviews so I ordered one and was VERY pleasantly surprised to have a high quality automobile pick set arrive a few days later.  I immediately went to “work”, unlocking all of the cars in my driveway, then expanding into my neighbor’s driveways (with their permission of course!).  I’m no automobile lock guy, but using this kit I managed to unlock a Subaru Forrester, Ford Explorer – two Toyotas and  Land Rover. Wow!  The kit isn’t for starting the ignitions, and specifically warns you NOT to, but opening doors and trunks with this kit was a snap.




  1. tried to look it up on the snap-on Web Site but could not find it. I have the smaller kit and I love it. works on ignition cyl as well if you have to turn the wheels
    . Oxter

  2. I purchased a similar kit from MATCO back in 2000. This looks like an updated version with the addition of the last two sets of GM PICKS . Otherwise same kit and same case lettering etc.. At the time i believe the kit was $99 so its still a good deal and nice for customers who locked their keys in the car.

  3. hello. I see you video I interest in this for hobie and you explain very nice I hope in the feuture make good thank for you help
    sorry my english to good but I understand thank you.

  4. Gotta say, I love a good oxter, and really, who doesn't. lol. Thanks Bill, another entertaining and educational review!

  5. Bill, I am like you … never messed with car locks at all, but I oxter start if I can get that set ! P.S. NO, I am not like you at all ….. Master locks STILL give me trouble …. need lots and lots more practice !

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