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(813) Review: Sparrows Vorax


Sparrows Vorax


Material Quality9.5
Reader Rating: ( 42 votes ) 6.6

I didn’t know what to expect from Sparrows’ newest kit, the “VORAX” but was pleasantly surprised to find it contains ALL of their popular picks.  The tools are made from 301 Stainless steel and come with their thermal (dipped) handles, which I found to be comfortable in my medium (size 8-1/2) hands.  Here’s what I found inside the kit:

1 x Snake rake
1 x Triple peak (Bogota)
1 x Twin Peak
1 x Worm Rake
1 x Short Hook
1 x Euro Hook
1 x Steep Hook
1 x Offset Hybrid (my new favorite hook)
1 x Half Diamond
1 x High Reach
1 x City Rake
1 x SSDeV High
1 x SSDeV Long
1 x SSDeV Deep
4 x Comb Flat bars
1 x Laser Engraved SANDMAN Pick
6 x Tension wrenches

Getting the 3-pick SSDev kit was a really nice surprise, as were the “Flat bars” for TOK tensioning.  The flat bars have comb picks built in, as well as a tubular pick tension tool – a really nice feature.  The new SANDMAN pick is the first newly designed pick to hit the market since the Bogota.  I found it to be an excellent rake – on par with the Bogota.  In addition, the SANDMAN can be quickly flipped over and used to SPP locks – a neat feature if you are trying to pick locks fast.

Anyway, if you’d like a Vorax you can buy them directly from Sparrows Lock Picks – www.sparrowslockpicks.com.





  1. Sparrows has amazing Costumer service and tools were well made didn’t need any finishing what so ever, I ordered the vorax, reload kit, chaos card and the cutout practice lock with chess pins all for under $200 us dollars, but USPS some how lost my cutaway lock with chess pins during transit but sparrows was quick to get me a new replacement shipped out to me

  2. Pandiculation? So I’m newly arrived to your page an learning a lot. Thank you.
    I’m not “new” to this topic however I am not by any stretch a skilled picker etc.
    I was introduced to the whole thing via my military service and have harbored a keen interest in developing this.Especially now in my Civilian career in public safety.

    All that aside I just wanted to say hi and thanks for the damned nice quality videos and content.
    Sua Sponte

  3. This is the kit I need. I’ve searched far and wide and this is the one. Thanks for giving us an excellent review of it!

  4. Looks very nice but a little out of my budget reach, winning one would be a nice way to get started. I’m still in the “gathering info” stage. Btw, idea what Pandiculation means?

  5. I really like that the vorax kit comes with the torq / tension bars and have never seen that type explained on how the comb picks work , I think that I will have to save up for those , because I think they could be use full . Thanks for the videos, they are teaching me quit a bit

  6. Man I can’t tell you enough I want that kit that’s everything I need to have a the perfect starter kit my Amazon one is horrible

  7. Man I can’t stop looking at that set i want that set bad it would be a great start for picking I should have listened to bill not to buy my set from (Amazon)

  8. I ended up buying one of these after your review. I’m still pretty new at this, but liked the variety and value of this set offers. Keep up the good work!

  9. I ended up buying one of those kits – I find those picks ever so slightly small for my hands but all in all it’s pretty good.

    1. . . …thank you, it is an awesome kit. I carry it with me in my duty bag for work.

  10. Thanks for your videos. Entertaining, and informative. I have more knowledge about what makes for a
    secure lock. ( I hope the folks at Master Lock take notes,) Pandiculation.
    Keep up the great work!

  11. Pandiculation! Really wanna win this pick set! I love all your videos they are really helpful and I'm learning from a great deal! Thank you

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