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(821) Review: SpooXe Nuclear Fallout Pick Cases


Spooxe Nuclear Fallout Pick Cases


Material Quality9.0
Reader Rating: ( 28 votes ) 6.3

More than a few of you have commented about the casual way I dismiss pick cases when doing reviews.  I guess I’m so used to getting cheap plastic cases with the kits that I just routinely throw them away and put the picks in a decent case.  So…. I decided to add pick cases to the TRIBE’S review queue and ordered from several manufacturers.

These little beauties arrived from a little company in Germany named “Spooxe”.  Apparently, they bought up some surplus German Nuclear Fallout Shelter hand towels, applied a lot of excellent German engineering to optimize their design, and started selling a few of these little cases.  I found the workmanship to be excellent, the material superior, and the design & layout near perfect.  It’s a shame I have to give these away as I think they would be a great addition to my pick “arsenal”.

The contact direct with the company is: http://store.spooxe.com.




  1. Hi, I’m a newbie at this new hobby, I really enjoy your reviews they keep me from wasting on crap. Medium would be the size I would go for. Thanks 🙂

  2. These are nice looking kits. I’m new to picking and have several picks in cheap cases The medium size would be a great size for me. I started learning how to pick locks because my job in Facility maintenance someone is always misplacing their keys or locking them in their locker.

  3. Novel Idea…love the History of the Towels…Thanks. If I’m chosen i would like the large case. Have a Great Day.

  4. I enjoy watching and learning in just in a fight for ssi and its hard to keep up with so muchother stuff going on

  5. Yeah I just attempted to order a case or 2!!😠😈😡😈 And my Android was like hacker has intercepted my connection unsafe to proceed!!! Thanks anti-whore detector!!

  6. Small case – stealthy,, easy to carry and conceal – not for any illegal activities of course!
    Ad how cool is that?! Lock pick cases made from former fallout shelter rags… very cool, could make up some good stories as to why I would have such an item in my posession lol…

    1. I love the lake district. How can you fail to have fun there. I hope Krista enjoyed it too, can't say I've ever seen anyone as bright as you guys when I've been hill walking. X

  7. Medium case would work great. Gives you enough room for a good number of picks but yet not too big.

  8. Medium.
    As I was saying on YT, I would have never believed, but you made me thinking to start lock picking as a hobby.
    I think it is a fun way to impress the mates. 🙂

    1. Sorry Anon, I'm missed you a second time, so is it 10% or 20% that David's law will lower the crime rate by? Because when you think about it, even if we take the lowest range David named at 10%, my God Anon, that would be amazing wouldn't it? I mean reduction in crime by 10% is exntrordiraay, Christ, if he nails 20% I'd even vote for this brilliant, brilliant man, so again there Anon will Garrett's law reduce crime by 10% or 20%? Or could the great man be talking out his arse?

  9. Love the show and the community we have going on and we all are great fun for the giveaway I honestly would still be a sub even with out them I enjoy watching and learning here now Am I the only one having dejavu or did you not already do this giveaway? Just curious I would love the small one

  10. Wow, that is some very neat history! I wonder who would have come up with the idea for those. Gonna have to do some research on their site. Thanks for the review!

    I would love to get one of the small ones.

  11. Cool! I love the SMALL case. I am always searching for the perfect tool roll up. This could be in the running. Like the history aspect too!

  12. This is my first time watching your videos! As a former USSOC vet, you are on the mark! Thank you and if I win I would like the small case!

  13. Loved the review, thanks Bill. They all looked really impressive but I think the medium would be most useful.

  14. I have the leather zippered case and I have lost picks and tensioners when they fall out. Also some accessories I have added like spinner and bump keys have made the case hard to close. I like the Large Spooxe case the best!

  15. I would really like this because i am starting lock picking and i don’t have any tools i have been using wood to pick locks.
    This set will work for me if i win

  16. That is a really cool idea and I agree they look very well made. Small,medium or large would work for me

  17. Very nice pick cases, I wouldn’t have given them a second look had I not watched your video review.

  18. These are awesome my pick case is overcrowded already, a small one for carrying would be great! Just entered the contest!

  19. Not a bad little case nice and light looks easy to stick in a tool box or under the car seat.

  20. Medium would be my preference.. It’s pretty cool what they’re made from..

  21. The small oe medium would work out well. They are really nice. I just have not figured out quite what the outside pocket on the flap is for yet…is that bad? Haha

  22. Hi there! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would be ok. I’m definitely enjoying your blog and look forward to new posts.

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  24. They kind of looks like underwears when they lay flat, im pretty skinny so i think i want the small one 🙂

  25. Medium please I have had my daughter trying to track down fabric like yours with the keys on it I have had no luck so I can have her make me one like yours like it a lot thanks for the videos

  26. I like the look of them. The medium seems to fit the bill… Where’d you get your old case from, though? The one that’s been in the background for ages now. I like the key pattern to the material, and it seems pretty workable.

  27. I need a new case. The medium would be perfect with that cool Velcro. Where else does a fall out pick case come from. Maybe it will help my picking and make it nuclear

  28. Oh these are super neat, I’d love to get a small one so I could stop using a plastic tube!

  29. Large would be great! I think it is funny that just by saying it is from Germany, everyone knows it is high quality.

  30. Like the website Bill, clicked through one of the adverts and purchased a couple of things so hopefully that throws a few $ your way. 🙂 If I'm in luck I'll take a small please.

  31. I love collecting military stuff that has been repurposed. Genuine nuclear shelter cases? Count me in.
    medium would be nice to have

  32. Large: They have another use case. After you have been picking for hours on a german lock, you can take your pick case and wipe the sweat off with it. And probably wash it a million times.

  33. ZS means civil defense and BUND is the short form for the German army. By the way great videos, learned a lot here. Would like to have these picks for practicing.

  34. I think the medium kit would be perfect. Thank you for your great videos and all of the information you have passed along, it has been very helpful and appreciated.

  35. I'm thinking that the large kit would fit me the best, seeing as how I already have a small leather pouch for my edc so it would be nice to have a larger carrying case.

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