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(823) Review: Dangerfield Serenity Kit


Dangerfield Serenity Kit


Material Quality9.0
Reader Rating: ( 25 votes ) 6.9

Out of the blue UKBumpkeys sent a congratulatory package to the LockLab to celebrate the new website!  The box was PACKED with these Dangerfield 10-Piece “Serenity” pick sets.  On close examination I discovered that they are virtually IDENTICAL to the long-backordered Mad Bob’s Ghost kits – and a a FRACTION of the price.  There are minor differences:  This kit will need some light sanding and polishing and it has black nylon case instead of a green one.  The price is only £14.99 ($21.25), a significant savings for a little elbow grease.





  1. my wife was looking for CA FL-190 last month and was informed about a website with a searchable database . If others are looking for CA FL-190 as well , here’s a https://goo.gl/0MhiKa

  2. I would love to win one! Broke my main hook, damn chinese, cant be thinned down… Its my birthday today!! Need picks! 😉

  3. I have a Mad Bob on order, but would love to finish a Dangerfield and compare it with the Mad Bob, should it ever arrive, to see how I measure up to the work he does. And Bill – good to see your hand has healed from the cat attack.

  4. Looks like a nice pick kit that needs just a little work, would love to win something like that my pick kit is cheap and worn, but not to bad for finding it and being my first picks. Not sure how they would feel in the hand though might need some rubber for a grip.

  5. I may have accidentally entered twice on one as week. Hope I’m not rejected forever

  6. Bill,
    I have a question. Toward the end of this video, you mention that if you submit your email more than once for the giveaway, you’ll automatically be rejected forever. Is this true for the newer giveaways as well. I’m worried because I think I may have accidentally submitted myself twice in either the Monday or Wednesday one from last week. I didn’t realize they hadn’t changed over to the next giveaway when I submitted my entries the second time. Thanks.

  7. Hello I found lock picking a few months ago.I ordered a video that came with a couple of basic picks,For my son and myself. I am a retired tool and die machinist.I love this stuff it’s a hoot.We love it.Picking everyday can’t get enough of it. We have a spot in our area were lovers go and hang there love locks on a fence overlooking a beautiful canyon. We can go and pick all we want,Every kind of lock you can imagine.We just pick them and hang them back up on the fence. Hundreds of locks.

  8. Thanks for all your videos, just came across your channel. Very interesting stuff.

  9. Any person who complains about spending a little time to clean a polish their kit to improve its performance of his/her kit, likely doesn’t have the patience to pick a lock of any complexity. First comment likely made sense still bugged me.

  10. If a person is complaining about spending a little time polishing, to improve the performance of his/her kit… probably doesn’t have the patience for picking a lock.

  11. I’ve been watching (window shopping) as many of your reviews as I can, and I almost bought this last week. Ultimately I bought a PSX-14 to start, but this set looks ok. Thanks Bill!

  12. Nice kit Bob would love to win one. Dont mind putting in the time to make them feel nice. Thats all Ive been doing
    the last two weeks is grinding and and sanding on my hand made ones.

  13. Hey Bill! I’m new to the tribe (3 weeks or so),but I’m all in. Great video series, the beginning spool pins video with the jig was brilliant and I’ll be watching all the videos! Thanks so much

  14. Hey Bill, throwing my hat in the ring. Thank you for supporting the community!

  15. Bill,

    Thank you for taking the time to make these great videos! I’ve recently begun practicing with my cheap Amazon set and acrylic lock (I got them before finding your website!) and have recently moved up to practicing on a Brinks 5 pin and large Brinks 4 pin w/security pins. Your videos have been a fantastic resource!

  16. Looks great & so what needs finishing, allows me to “learn new things”, 😀 Cheers Aepek

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  17. Kit looks great, would fit my EDC and replace my home made picks.
    Thanks for the review

  18. I am just starting out and really appreciate all the work and information you put in each video. Thank you so much.

  19. Looks like a nice kit. Would you consider sending a “GOOD” practice lock with this kit if a beginner were to win it?

  20. I’ve enjoyed your site for a while now–amazing? Thanks, and keep up the Good Work.

  21. mad bobs set is way nicer you can see how the serenity kit was not finished and looks a bit sharp maybe to sharp.

  22. It seems the Mad Bobs Picks of this type are available again on 5 week lead time. Previously they were marked as not available. I just ordered a set – cannot wait to get them!!

  23. Hi bill I am new at this but because of your tutorials which I have been following for the last 4 months I’m getting a lot better. I bought a cheep starter set which has helped me to get the feel for the locks, but I’m now looking to get a much better set. . Thank you very much for making this a very interesting hoby for me.thanks again frank from Oregon

  24. Have been looking for a mid-level kit to get myself started in this craft.. Will have to see if I can look one up. New hobby that doesnt swallow my wallet and portable too!

  25. Mad bob kits go as soon as they get them. Have you ever used the carbon fiber jack knife . Or could you possibly review it?

  26. Great looking little set. I already have the sandpaper and am not afraid of a little work. A little, I did pick a sport that I can do from a chair. Do you do the drawing from this comment section or the one on YouTube?

  27. Got my Mad Bob kit a couple of weeks ago, wouldn’t mind one of these Serenity sets to compare it with…

  28. Can’t knock Mad Bob’s stuff, but Chris @ UK Bump Keys has never let me down yet with their Premium stuff at price I can afford (occasionally)..

  29. Would love to get a Mad Bob kit. I’m a novice at lock picking and, on a fixed income haven’t been able to get some good picks. This kit would really be nice.

  30. Dangerfield Serenity Kit,I do not know how to give comment. I do not have a lock pick set, I want to have one set badly, then I can follow your vedio to start some funs.

  31. I’m new to this great hobby. Time to get rid of my second-rate picks made in China that I started out with and get some quality picks and assorted gear. Thanks for the great videos on you-tube and the new Lock-lab site that I visit every day now.

  32. Wow, yeah I have been waiting for Mad Bob’s since the video you put out there! I would be fine sanding those down a bit!

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  33. I have some sandpaper and would love to have a set. Thanks for the hard work and love the web site.

  34. Probably be like 1 of 7 dwarfs…
    Hi ho. Hi ho. Off sanding I’d go.

    Thanks, for another great vid…
    you silver tongue devil.

  35. greatful for the chance the kit. My mom dislikes your videos because she worked for masterlock for 44 years and cant believe that there are videos out there like this let alone a website. thanks.

    1. Ha Ha Ha – SOME Masterlocks actually work. Not many though as Bill demonstrates all the time….

  36. Too bad the other kit isn’t available to give away. Both kit look pretty good. Hope fully I can get one of the kits. As always nice videos

  37. Great review video as always love the looks of them thanks again keep up the good work

    1. As im on a fixed income, this would be great to win,started this to kill boredom and get the stiffness out of my retired hands,and
      Like doing it.

  38. Want a mad Bobs kit, but everytime i look they are on backorder. This looks like a nice alternative even if you do have to do the finishing your self. I would still want to order a Mad Bobs kit even with this kit.

    1. The Mad Bob’s kits are available again for order – previously could not even be ordered.

  39. Have been so sad since mad Bob’s has been on back order basically since your review, and for the same thing it’s well worth the extra work of finishing them.

  40. Woohoo. LOVE to get one of these. BTW, you have an absolutely outstanding website. Six stars on a five star scale.

  41. Very Nice, I commented on YouTube, but to be sure I’ll comment here as well. I’d like one of these pick kits..

  42. my everyday kit, great all round kit, the prince/princess are a hard learn but an excellent tool as is the curved ball pick!

  43. Watched dozens of your videos. Love em. No pick set yet, not in the budget. Find it to be a fascinating hobby. Hope I win one of these so I can get started.

  44. I realy want this picks. I love your vids, Greatings from Poland Sir.
    PS Good luck in picking.

  45. I bought the Mad Bob hook and rake kit recently, at the same time a friend bought the serenity kit. Both are good kits, I would be delighted to put the work in on the serenity kit to make a matching pair (quality wise)

  46. I've been looking at these for a while thinking the kits were probably the same but slight finishing differences, thanks for confirming it.

  47. I want one!!! 🙂 also I really like the last couple of opening sequences real cool and I think it would be cool if you went back to using out of the ordinary vocabulary words!! I miss that :)

  48. UK for the win, you colonies seem to be getting along alright without us! ;p one of those kits would set me up nicely, and I'm the kind of guy that likes to Potter about and do little jobs like sharpening knives and polishing my shoes, this will be a nice new project if I win! fingers crossed and thank you uk bump keys!

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