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(834) Review: Rev’s Custom Picks


I was surfing through the UK LockSport website a couple of weeks ago and was impressed by some custom picks created by a guy with the user name “Revtat”.  I’d been thinking about trying to make some specialty picks for a while but just don’t have the skills for the fine detail work.  I’m GREAT with a hammer and crowbar, but fine detail just isn’t my thing.  I’m also lazy, and that really doesn’t help.  Anyway, I emailed asking Revtat to make some picks to match my sketches, and two weeks later these arrived from the UK.  Two weeks, from idea to delivery, wow!  Anyway, the quality of workmanship is second to none.  The shaping and final finish are perfect.  Best of all, the 0.015″ DeForest that I asked for….?  IT WORKS!

If you’re interested in some custom picks (and who isn’t?), you can email Revtat at: Revspicks@gmail.com.  The cost ranges from 12-15 pounds depending on the complexity of your design and materials.  He offers a slight discount for UKLS members and people that order 3 or more picks.

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  1. I would love to have that Master 140 to show all of my friends who still insist on buying Master locks. Maybe that piece of garbage will finally convince them to stop.

  2. Looks like master lock improve the lock! If you loss the key u may use anything to unlock it!

  3. They probably used a computer program to generate the bitting of each lock, but only exclude the ones truly constant depth (hopefully) but not the ones with very small deviations from it.

    1. wouldnt usually answer but a man with tt vids i will,where are u?? go to ur local scarppy,ask if u can grab old wipers,pull the insets out and take a handful,they will charge u about a five for 100! or come on ukls and see what type u want and the homebrew section will have something and someone who can help if you introduce yourself peoperly in the right place 1st! alternatively try withoutakey or madbobs

    2. OMG !! 😨 that MasterLock Lock is embarrassing for the company !! I dont think postage should be wasted on shipping it out !!
      Very nice picks tho, nice craftsmanship.
      Why would anyone need 3 keys for a Masterlock, all you need is a chicken bone to unlock it . . . .😂

    3. . . . ..also, stop in some automotive parts/supply stores, they usually install them for customers and have a bin inside the store with the old ones in for recycling; outside the store you may also find them in the parking lot trash containers . …..

  4. i had worse locks before. i had locks that you could simply pick only with a tension wrench. it had some kind of bidding but the pins were probably horrible.

    but it has "made in china" on it. didnt expect much.

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