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(836) Review: Sparrows Creeper Pick Kit


Sparrows Creeper Pick Kit


Material Quality9.5
Reader Rating: ( 17 votes ) 5.3


I know, I know…it’s about TIME I got around to this kit!  A large number of you have been emailing me almost every day asking about this kit.  I wanted to take a little time to use it, experiment with the picks, and figure out what gaps, if any, this beautiful little kit had.  All six of the picks are what I would classify as “essentials”, so no worries there.  It has everything the beginner through advanced picker could possibly need – from hooks to rakes.  It even comes with both TOK and BOK tension wrenches all wrapped up in a military grade nylon case.  The REALLY good part, at least for people in the US, it the price is unbelievably low because the Canadian exchange rate is in the dumps right now.  $46 USD is all this costs right now, so you better stock up before the exchange rate rebounds!

All of the picks that come in the kit are 0.025″ 301 stainless steel, REALLY tough stuff.  The only gap I could possibly come up with was that there are no 0.015″ in the kit, so I plussed up the kit with a Sparrows short hook, euro hook, steep hook and triple peak – all in 0.015″, so you can now use it for paracentric, European and Asian keyways.  It doesn’t get any better than this!




  1. Callipygian Looks like a really good beginner set I will have to look into picking one up someday

  2. Really great looking beginner setup I will have to look into getting me a set soon CALLIPYGIAN

  3. Yes I’m looking to trade the 4 new PETERSON picks that cone with the GSP ULTIMATE PETERSON PICK SET. FOR A 15 THOUSANDTHS GEM AND ONE PETERSON STANDARD HOOK. I’M GIVING A CASE WITH THEM. IF INTERESTED contact me through my email at xjohnn@gmail.com

  4. As always: a nice video with a must have set.
    As a French fellow, I have to say that your mild accent is very clear. I am surprisingly missing hardly any words! (my former English teacher would be amazed).

    Whatever. Have you ever heard about or tested “Le Corbeau” picks?

  5. looks like a great set! i need some good rakes and that hook looks helpful too. didnt see where to put the secret word but i didnt want to post it

  6. Nice looking set, love the Sparrows product. Thanks Bill! CALLIPYGIAN random comment.

  7. the glow in the dark backing seems convenient, I’ve always kept a keychain light handy or go by feel.

  8. Where do you enter the secret word? It just has space for email and youtube name in my browser?

  9. I missed out on this one, I was away for a couple days….. guess I am buying 🙂

  10. The video 836 For real I like a lot I hope. I win sonthing simila I feel the guy more happy I saw many you are video and learning so much thank you Bill for you time and my English. No good but. You explain well one time more. Thank you

  11. I really like Sparrows picks as they are well made and only need minor tweaking and polish to bring them up to my personal specifications. I got into lock picking because I love puzzles and picking locks can be some of the most interesting puzzles you ever fiddle with. No matter how long I pick locks I will always get a rush when the lock opens. I put my name in for this draw but sadly didn’t win. Looking forward to your future videos and of course contests. Thanks Bill for all your contributions to the lock picking community.

  12. Callipygian having well shaped buttocks interesting sounds like the Sir Mix A Lot song “Baby Got Back”.

  13. Nice review,sparrows are my favorite commercial picks, but my favorites are my home brews.
    Wonderful website you have, thanks for your efforts.

  14. As a European resident I can only say good on you for adding the 15 thou picks to the package, I’m having an awkward time with my sparrows picks and keep on having to switch back to my old Southord euro profile picks.

    Personally I would prefer manufactures to produce their default picks a bit thinner than 25 thou.

  15. Awesome looking set BIll! great job on the viddys as well. CALLIPYGIAN – I love a woman with a well shaped buttocks. Lot o’ squats for that!!! Lol!

    1. Not really a very nice or smart move to publish the secret word. As funny as it is….

  16. I appreciate these unbiased reviews. My brother is pretty hard to buy for. His birthday was May 3rd. He will be getting the Sparrows Night School Tuxedo kit. He is already quite good at opening combination locks & safes without having the combination. It will be fun to see him develop tactile feedback from some lock picks. I assume he stays legal. So far we have always had legitimate & legal reasons to open stuff up. I pick my way into outbuildings on properties I am looking to buy. Pool pump houses, basements, garages, sheds & the like. When I do my inspections, I kind of want to see everything, and some of the stuff people are trying to hide….Wow! I am in Colorado, so any major marijuana grow houses are considered a tear-down, I lock it back up, and walk away. If they are running 1000 amps on a 200 amp service for lighting, I will call the sheriff’s office. We have already had too many fires from idiots & their illegal pot grows. If they want to ruin their own house, so be it. If they want to risk burning down the neighbors’ houses, the police will be alerted.

  17. Looks like an excellent set, especially with those thin picks added. I have to save some shekels and get a few thin picks. Another, as always, great vid!

  18. I watched this video twice and still could not find the word but I would love this kit.

  19. I would love to see you do a review on the southord Max pick sets the European version works great on American and European locks

  20. Bill I inadvertantly entered your competition twice.
    Gmail was flagging your entry replies as SPAM. As a result I thought my first entry hadn’t been accepted.

  21. Those picks look like some of the ones that are in the Sparrows Vorax kit. Looks like a nice set especially with the extra pieces.

  22. The contest button pops up underneth the last entry form make certain you do not add a space after it .

  23. i said it would explode bill! still say enter those who are happy to help fund the tribe! cheap year sub,auto entry and newsletter or something,auto add for paterons! people who are real will happily pay pennies for knowledge like this!

  24. i think this would be a great hobby. I could really use a lock pick set to get started.

  25. unfortunately my html5 player is messing up on me again, so can’t watch the video. i was looking at these a while back, wondering how long the glow effect lasts, like how long before you have to replace the insert. sparrows has fantastic kits!

  26. you need to do a video on the sparrows widget pick set! i just got one today in mail…nice to see a demo somewere of that set…or atleast something similar!…creeper set is awesome

  27. the exchange rate is killing me! i dont got as many options to buy stuff as the usa..but when i do and i cant find what i need here i buy there and it costs so much more…i have almost everything sparrows has made lol…

  28. flourescent backing: for like lockpick turnements in the dark…. and situations…
    like it anyway 🙂 ninja style

  29. I don't know bill I can't see anybody coming on here just to mess around in the comments and not watch the video. I would go nuts if I thought there was 1 video on this chanel that I did watch atleast twice. Also if anyone would like to respond I'm looking for a good dimple set.

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