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(838) Review: Primo 15-Piece Pick Set


Primo 15-Piece Pick Set


Material Quality7.5
Reader Rating: ( 2 votes ) 4.5

I received about a half dozen requests to review this kit, probably because they were afraid to gamble their OWN money on this kit.  You know, that’s EXACTLY what LockLab’s Consumer Reports does, so I was happy to order one.  As it turned out, we saved those guys $54 each!  This kit really isn’t a good choice for beginning lock pickers.  It only contains hooks, and not very good ones at that.  The picks are waaayyyy too thick for most locks.  I’d recommend avoiding this one.  Move along,there’s nothing (of quality) to see here…




  1. . . . . ..i arrested a girl who had alotta “hookieness”, she did alotta hookin’, if ya know what i mean 😉, nice kit Bill.
    Keep up the great videos . . …..

  2. It looks nice at the first glance, but i would file them down as they are (as most of them are) too thick for restricted locks – why can’t they make them thinner :(. Noone wants to pick only Masterlocks (or like here in europe: Adrians “Spoon locks”..the chinese Master Locks…have them too). Not that good that the pics don’t fit into place when you have the handles on :(, but really nice metal handles. It’s hard to find a good hooker set here in europe. Besides this, i only know of the SSDeV’s and Sparrow’s ones.

  3. I am entering with hopes to win the added bonus rakes but the kit will be good for practice shaping, thinning and polishing. I can do without the case or rubbery handles though. 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win this Bill.

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