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(842) Review: Souber MTL Dimple Picks


Souber MTL Dimple Picks


Material Quality9.0
Reader Rating: ( 8 votes ) 5.6

I’ve been using my Souber dimple picks for years and have been VERY happy with their quality, design and durability.  I’ve picked hundreds of dimple locks and Mul-t-locks with my kit and have never so much as even bent one of them.  The Soubers have always been really difficult to find unless you are a licensed locksmith, military, or law enforcement and could supply the documentation.  So, when I was surfing through the Lock Pick Canada website a couple of weeks ago I was very surprised to find these for sale with no restrictions!  Just to verify, I placed my order and a week later the kit showed up on my doorstep.  To sweeten the deal, the cost is only $50 US, which is about HALF of what I paid for my kit from the restricted site!

The Souber kit is the best commercial dimple pick set that you can buy.  I’d advise you to grab one of these “hen’s teeth” while you can.





  1. Nice pick set, and thanks for the heads up! I found Lock Picks Canada is selling Pippin Files for $45 Canadian. I am a luthier by trade, and I build, repair, modify, design, and restore guitar amps, effects, and pretty much anything to do with stringed instruments, including pianos, and pedal harps. The price on the files was like getting a free set of lock picks, and I mean this, and a Monstrum, and the Suober, Lever Lock Pick, and…… Yeah, we luthiers use these little needle files, a lot. I use them to impression keys, for locks, and to work on keys for woodwinds, & saxes too. Yeah, I fix other instruments too. We were burglarized back in 2008. We were so under-insured, we barely managed to replace the instruments. The tools, are still being replaced to this day. We lost $300,000 in guitars, alone. I figure the tools would cost another $400,000 to replace with the same quality that was stolen. Everything is made in China now. I was almost in tears when I saw the new garbage that showed in the mail. All the power tools are made in Asia, not the USA. Most of the clamps & jigs are Asian made garbage too. I had been amassing tools for 38 years.

  2. Lockpickcanada.com does not show these on their website. I have gotten most of my supplies from them. But it does not come up on their site. 🙁 Perhaps they are out?

    1. Most likely Keith. I just got this set from lockpickcanada.com a couple of weeks ago. Before that they had disappeared off the site for almost a month. Keep checking back and I’m sure they’ll reappear. Or drop them an email at info@lockpickcanada.com and ask.

      1. Look under Souber, or Dimple Lock Picks, or google “Souber Dimple Lock Pick Set for sale”, and it will give you the Lockpicks Canada Page, with the “sold out” notice, but keep checking back! They were in stock as of Monday the 16th??

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  4. Sorry for not following instructions fully, I didn’t realize what I had done until it posted, I looks like I can’t delete.

  5. PEOPLE am i the only one that listens???????? BILL CLEARLY SAID ENTER BY PUTTING WORD IN THE APPROPRIATE ENTRY SECTION, AND TO NOT POST IN COMMENTS AS PEOPLE JUST SCROLL THRO,POST WORD AND THATS IT! AS SOME OBVIOUSLY HAVE!!!! IT WAS MADE CLEAR YOU WONT BE ENTERED AS THATS NOT HOW ITS NOW DONE!!! U ALL NEED TO ACTUALLY WATCH A WHOLE VIDEO AND YOU MAY HAVE KNOWN!!! sorry for the caps guys, but bill said clearly 5 videos or so ago,yet some obviously just come on for a freebie, get the word and stop, otherwise they would know posting it isnt done now!!!!

  6. WOW bill!!!! finally one i need! only kits left for me are dimple and lever,and ive commissioned one of our guys for a lever set!!! id love to win these for my final needs! have you seen these???? dimple sets historically are bad, but these are raved about,they are goso, but then stripped,hand shaped,polished,re handled then sent out!! believe it may be same shop that does the german blanket tool rolls, they are a reuse shop!!! as i say its a repurposed goso/klom set but handcrafted!! take a look here!!!! http://store.spooxe.com/Lockpicktools%20for%20Dimple%20locks

  7. Your right Bill, up here in Canada, we are taking a pounding with the money exchange. Really enjoy your videos. Lock on !

    1. YES YOU ARE, GETTING HAMMERED! I wish I could drive a 25,999 GVW truck out of Canada, as I need a 24-26 foot box truck to move. I can buy one in Canada for $5000-$7000 less than in the USA (used at auction), but I don’t think I can drive it to the Canadian border, inside Canada. Investors have been shorting the Canadian Dollar against the Mexican Peso. They get rich, and you get screwed. I remember when Mexico devaluated the Peso by 50% unannounced, but the likes of Carlos Slim knew an advance, and protected & doubled their fortunes overnight, compared to every other Mexican citizen.

  8. I got hooked on your videos and now that’s all I watch I can’t wait to get my first set of picks and get started I need a good hobby and I think this is it.

  9. nice……bought a tuxedo lock pick just because of your videos. havent spp but I have raked severallocks . need to work on tension and OVERpicking …. just want to ty

  10. Just got this set from Lockpickcanada.com actually. Great folks to work with.

    Not a fan of the case though. I prefer something that lays my tools out for easy access. If I were to get one of the Spooxe rolls would you suggest the small or the slim? Just for clarification the Spooxe would be just for dimple picks. The “regular” picks are just fine in their Sparrow’s Sherman.

  11. as per email I sent…
    (know you can't read 'em all)

    for us old schooler's…
    wouldn't mind if you were to put a p.o.box listing on website, to send in checks / money orders.

    can't access my PayPal account.

  12. If you use self sealing shrink tube, it's never coming off. So that's the best option. Or plasti dip, the kind that slightly melts the original plastic and "harpoons" in to its structure, tho that one is a bit more expensive.

    1. A few layers of Plasti Dip will work fine. If Harbor Freight still sells it, they have a pretty good price on it. You can even run heat shrink over Plasti Dip. I put silicone splicing tape on my .015″ picks then yellow heat shrink. It is a tad bumpy & a little sloppy, but it is comfortable. Silicone splicing tape is about $60 a roll, for the good stuff. Try linerless rubber splicing tape from Home Depot. Go over that with heat shrink.

  13. I have two padlocks I just got without keys that have dimples on three sides. Only marks on the locks are three chevron's on the side. Anyone have any idea where i can find out more about these padlocks?

    1. Ej hvor surt, det er heldigvis rigtig længe siden jeg har mistet nogle forsendelser (7-9-13). Men det er sat ned til 65 kr for paeosfkrekndelse, hvis modtager selv henter pakken. Og ellers er der GLS, men det kan kun betale sig hvis det er en lille eller meget tung pakke, da priserne udregnes efter mål. Der koster det omkring 50 kr for en XS pakke

  14. For a long time I've wondered about a dimple lock key that had a small ring attached loosely on the end of the key. I know it must be an extra security feature, but I'm curious what it actually does.

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