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(846) Review: Scam Stuff’s “Lock Proof Pen”


Scam Stuff's "Lock Proof Pen"


Material Quality7.5
Reader Rating: ( 8 votes ) 1.1


This “lock proof pen” was highlighted in a scam stuff video and several people asked for a review.  Like a zombie, I mindlessly ordered a couple and could not have been more disappointed.  The pen is HUGE, the carbide tip useless, the crenelated cap dull, and the picks junk.  There is no way to clamp up the pick tips into the pen.  I guess they want us to hold them in our fingers?  Crazy talk!  If you see one of these in someone’s possession, just LAUGH at the poor fool that was dumb enough to buy it.  I can’t get these out of the LockLab fast enough!





  1. No button to be able to enter. This is the second time I can’t find the button, is there an issue or is it just me ?????

    1. Click the lock-lab icon to take you to the lock lab homepage. enter contest button is under the current videos on the page just scroll down. and good luck.

  2. Seems likenits a Chinese made POS, made inexpensively, but sold to us rich Americans for boo-koo bucks . ..i actually have a window punch on the back end of my ASP baton, and also one on my SOG pocket knife for punching/popping out auto windows, of which came in handy when i had to rescue a child trapped in a burning vehicle, seatbelted in a babyseat in the back seat of a locked vehicle, scary & stressful incident. . . ..thanks for the heads up about this junk, Bill !! 👍

  3. Dear Bill
    How can I get some of your excesx old locks to practice on, I’m just starting to pracktice the art of lockz nd the wondefull thrill of the success.

    I’m 67 I find the process of picking has improved my dexterity and consiNtration.

    Address and phone
    4250 North Hrace Street
    Schiller Park, IlliNois

    Best Allways

  4. Maybe this is so bad you don’t want to give it away, I don’t have the enter button.

  5. Hi Bill, I checked Scam Stuff’s website and I didn’t see a negative comment. Don’t you ever write negative comments after reviewing a product or did it maybe get deleted?
    Kind regards

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