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(850) Review: Sparrows Competitor Case


Sparrows Competitor Case


Material Quality9.5
Reader Rating: ( 124 votes ) 107.6

Several of you, obviously lock picking competitors, REALLY recommended I review this case so everyone can see what a “prize” it is.  I was skeptical because of the low cost – only $9.12 US – but it was a low-cost gamble and I took it.  EXECUTIVE SUMMARY;  It IS a PRIZE!  The case is very well made from quality materials: ballistic nylon, heavy duty sewing, edging all around, and a high quality zipper.  The inside is well laid out, with wider pockets on the right for commonly grabbed picks, and slightly more secure ones on the left for all your other gear.  I really like this case and it is worth a lot more than the asking price.





  1. I’m kinda novice at lock picking and was wondering if this set would be a good starter kit? Been making my own, but would really like a real new set. And Bill your the man love your videos

  2. I’m a new lockpicker. My first kit is actually coming in a few days and I’m super excited. This would be a neat addition to my soon to be growing collection.

  3. Wow. I agree. super nice case for the price.
    What a cool website. I will definitely look to making this place my new home.

  4. I remember letting my sister locking me to our living room, so I can find a way to unlock the door my by the paper clippers. It was a precious feeling when I was a kid. Currently I am doing MBA and getting over stressed with my studies and ended up following your videos. The first thing that I did to find a old lock and try to open it with the techniques that you are sharing. I really appreciate and I think it will be a great hobby of mine.

  5. Awesome youtube channel. I have learned alot and it is very educational in a fun manner. Keep it up and thank you again!!

  6. hiya! great reviews and information! please enter me to win this set 🙂 It *IS* my birthday today 🙂

  7. after seeing your review, I bought one within 40 seconds…….worth every penny…it’s nice not having to dig through a slippery pile of picks to find what I want….thanks for being there…

  8. As I am disabled,I try lock picking to keep my brain as sharp as I can, I would like to try one of the lock pick sets you have dimonstrated in your videos. I thank you in advance.

  9. Hi Bill, I was wondering, with all the give a ways you do, I see a lot of great tools, but have you ever considered making a set to give a way? I would be real interested i home made over factory made since i have only one pick that i have made myself. It’s not pretty, but it’s effective. Thank you and keep up the great work

  10. I’d love to win that case. I’ve never win anything before. Great picking bill.

  11. hi bill I’m Paul I am looking for top of the key way wrench but at lot of places don’t sell can you tell me where I can get one from thank you

  12. Hi Bill. On that Sparrows competitors case video review screenshot, the lone black handled pick laying on top of the spooXe rollup pick case looks to be a Rytan pick. Rytans were my first pick set back in the late 80’s. Cant remember the last time I saw them for sale.

  13. pretty sure youve read this plenty of times but…man i gotta win a set of those picks! I watch and watch your videos but cant put anything to practice…Kinda frustrating…

  14. Man I’ve been watching your videos for ever and have been for ever trying to get a set of picks and still haven’t been able to

  15. The reviews are always great. Buying good stuff always beats buying junk. Have got some mad-bob picks, and tension wrenches, and would never have ordered them except for your reviews. Enjoying both of them. Well worth the wait for the great quality. I have ordered from Sparrow before, but overlooked the cases. Not anymore.

  16. The first thing I do with any of my Sparrows cases is remove the tag that says Sparrows Lock picks. I prefer to have my equipment to be more discrete and not broadcast what it is or what is in it. The comp case looks similar to my GPS case when the tag is off.

  17. I have this case myself, and I absolutely love it! It’s small, and can hold a lot of picks. I love how they made it so it can stand like a workbench, (As sparrows say in their ad for it), and it really holds well, and feel very well made, with good quality.

  18. Pretty useful for making a nice custom set. Thanks Bill I wouldn’t have known why right side was looser.

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