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(858) Southern Specialties LPH-12E Pick Kit



JB has been HOUNDING me to get this review done, and I couldn’t understand WHY he was so excited about a Southern Specialties product.  We’ve reviewed several of their pick sets and none of them turned out very good.  This one was different.  The selection of picks was ideal, the design of the tension tools superb, and it was priced right.  This kit was actually designed by Toool, the lockpicking organization, and they obviously knew what they were doing.  No group think here!  Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate picker, this is an excellent choice.





  1. Still just dipping my toes in the water but beginning to know what to look for in a first kit. My wife keeps forgetting to save the wipers when she has them replaced so haven’t tried making any since my first failed attempt from a nail. I would love to have this set and if I don’t win one, would buy this.

  2. I am an avid follower have been for a while now. I am in the fire safety industry and have just started setting up to pick security boxes for work instead of the company having to destroy and replace boxes everytime the key is lost. Saving the company money lol. Would definitly like to check out the set and send a cideo of my feedback to you for your future use. Thanks. Your locktech in training
    Ps thanks for all the help with the training video

  3. Hey Bill my dad is a locksmith and he taught a lot of things and I hint that’d be a nice present for him. I got to tell you it’s quite a hard to find those in Peru. Bye the way nice work

  4. I have some of their picks and I like them. These are better polished and a very nice set of tension tools.

  5. Great review,good looking set of tools.
    I have had my eye on these for a while
    since they looked like the toool set.

  6. I like those tension wrenches the best. I have an old nasty rusty broken up fish tape. I have been chopping that up, cleaning the rust off, polishing it up. bending, and grinding tension wrenches from it, and they are what I am used to. I found the wider tape the other day, so that will get cleaned polished cut, bent, ground, shaped etc. The rake looks great in this kit too. I am gravitating to the hooks, a gem, and a DeForest diamond, for my go to stuff, when raking fails. A medium hook, & maybe a reach is all I really need for pin tumbler, and in .025″ & .015″. The lever pick set is coming along nicely. I have a beautiful 6 lever lock from the old USSR days of Russia I have been trying it out on. It will zip through a Chubb easily enough I went to using that old Soviet lock.

  7. Nice looking starter to i intermediate set wpildnt mind adding a few of those to my arsenal

  8. Hi Bill, told you I check frequently. Shipping from Southern Specs to outside the US starts at $24.95!!! That’s very expensive. My Sparrows Tuxedo was $13.70 shipping. So…best for inside the US, I think.

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