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(861) Review: MultiPick’s Elite 11 Pick Set


MultiPick's Elite 11 Pick Set


Material Quality9.5
Reader Rating: ( 4 votes ) 6.6


This pick set is a perfect example of German quality and attention to detail.  The picks are well designed, durable, and very nicely finished.  MultiPick-Service did a fine job of selecting the tension wrenches and everything is well tumbled.  The pick choices are well thought out with a good selection of hooks and rakes, and then included a really nice extractor.  Even the leather case is nice!

The only downside is the crazy postage that MultiPick charges to send this small kit to the US – 35 Euros!  When you factor that in, the overall value of this kit dropped like an anchor.

I really hate to give this kit away, but a promise is a promise.  Perhaps someday MultiPick-Service will start selling this fine kit in the US.  I’m SURE it would be a good seller.





  1. I just tried to put in an order on their website for about 40 Euro and they wanted 46 Euro shipping (to ship to the Vereinigten Staaten, aka US), so I had to decline. I’m willing to pay for quality but I don’t see why 4 picks that will fit in a regular letter envelope would cost that much to ship. It doesn’t have to be overnight UPS or whatever. Just put it in a first-class envelope and put a $1 stamp on it. Well, I’ll look for picks elsewhere. I’d like get a DeForest diamond, which they call a “dental pick” on the Multipick website. Interesting; it doesn’t look like anything I’ve seen at the dentist’s office.

  2. you said in a video about a year ago you were waiting for an order from Storm Picks… did they ever arrive?! I’ve heard great reviews about them, but they haven’t got the BosnianBill seal of approval yet 🙂

  3. I always stay legal. My slow old 4X4 helps too. Nice kit. I have friends in Germany, the UK, Romania, Italy, Turkey, Peru, Brazil, etc. They send me stuff all the time. It saves a bundle on shipping, and I can get stuff some companies won’t ship to the USA. Nothing illegal though!

  4. Don’t underestimate Multipick’s shipping rates within Europe, though. I recently paid €8.50 for a small and light order. That is about $10, isn’t it? Quality of products and customer service are quite good.

  5. Here is one use for the serial numbers from their website “Multipick organizes each month from now a raffle among all sold ELITE picks and you may win three vouchers with a total value of 75.00 €. You simply have to check whether the drawn serial number is written on one of your picks. If this is the case, congratulations, you have just won a shopping voucher of 25.00 €. Now you simply send a picture of your ELITE pick by email with subject “Won“ to the following address: jackpot@multipick.com. Don’t forget to send us your postal address! 😉 “.

  6. What an amazing kit! I watched your videos for about a year now and I’m never disappointed. How do you take part in the giveaway?

  7. Cool kit, i moved to germany recently for my studies! this might come in handy :D.

  8. Wow ! Beautiful set, Bill !
    With Serial numbers, if theyre left at a crime scene, we can track em” via NCIC/INTERPOL . . .LOL 😂 thanks for sharing.

  9. I thought it was cool that they would leave a blueprint of some of their other picks on the handle so that a DIY person could potentially get a little more bang for their eurobucks…3:40-3:50-ish. I too work with German engineers and this is decent stuff!! I hope the new owners appreciate the time and effort that went into making them as much as they do using them.

  10. I honestly dont know but you said its a very nice pick so i hope your right. I would like to enter to have this but i dont know how

        1. No problem. Keep checking back, there are currently 4 giveaways running, and the Monday, Weds and Friday giveaways run all the time, so keep signing up for all of them each week

  11. Very nice looking kit. I am just starting to get into picking locks and am doing alot of research before buying. Really like the attention to detail of these.

  12. Beautiful set, nothing more to say…should see them in action and get some usage feedback 😉

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