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(872) Review: Sparrows SF Edition Sentry Kit


Sparrows SF Edition Sentry Pick Kit


Material Quality9.5
Reader Rating: ( 7 votes ) 7.4


I really don’t know how Sparrows can produce a kit like this for only $41 US.  The coyote colored case (also available in black and ACU pattern) is well designed and assembled.  The tools are all tough stainless steel, shaped nicely, and tumbled.  Yeah, they’ll need some fine finishing with some 600 or 1000 grit sandpaper, but what production pick set doesn’t?  The assortment of picks is a good mix of hooks and rakes – even including one of Sparrows’ hybrid hooks.  This is quite possibly one of the best deals of the year.




  1. Really a nice little kit, and the price is very right. Totally agree with you on the .015 inclusions and a Bogota in both also. Why don’t they put a Bogota in every pin tumbler pick kit?

  2. Bill I can’t stop watching your videos, the more I watch them, the more I learn, however I don’t have the tools for practice. I’m willing to buy one kit from you… Let me know..

  3. I agree on the rating of these picks love the look of this set would welcome the opportunity to win this Bob.

  4. Hello bill,
    I just discovered your webite and you awesome! I want to start to learn locksmithing? But I don’t have a starter kit I need some help on choosing what kit to start with? I would love to have one of your giveaways so I can start? What kit is the best for new comers, and what company is the best? Well thank you MR. Bill. Newer Sean Faulkner

  5. I like that kit, it has some picks I don’t have in my Southord kit. And I could use a new case. My Southord set I got close to 20 years ago,

  6. I wish this was the kit we actually used in the SF community! What we get is far less extravagant.

  7. Nice review like always..
    Please Bill include me in that one…
    That’s a really nice; however, it will be even better if they include a Top Flat Tension Wrench

  8. Good looking, above my pay grade though, (very newbie). Your reviews seem to dig Sparrows and I dig you so I’m going Sparrows when I get some chops. Good video, solid advise. Thanks Bill!

  9. Lock lab hello ive seen this kit review and i must to say this is the bat choice for a soldier i can approve but i can’t find where to order one for my self if you can just send me the link to the order page i will be glad thanks for the review.

  10. Being a bomb tech and running from bullets in the past, I could see how this kit would be very handy.

  11. Because of lock lab I’ve found my new love. I never knew how useful this skill would be and never gave it much thought. After some youtube videos I was hooked. With that said I am looking to buy my first set. And I fully trust when lock labs say this is a very good product.

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  12. Over the past month or so, I’ve become addicted to your videos. I’ve watched them all now, some more than twice. I have even made my own wrenches, diamonds, hooks, and rakes, out of what ever I could. It has been loads of fun breaking them developing my new hobby and this Sparrows SF set would be sweet as my first legit set. It has all my favs. Of course I’ll have to keep a couple of my custom 0.015 and 0.018.

  13. I’ve been picking with a cheap crummy set for a while lol, wonder what I could do with a decent set.

  14. I’ve been picking with a cheap crummy set for a while lol wondering what I could do with a decent set.

  15. Well I keep getting errors when I try to post a comment.
    This looks like a great kit to hang on one’s belt. The convenience of having the picks right there would be awesome.
    Also, Keep up the awesome work Bill! Your videos are inspiring.

  16. That would be really convenient even clipped on a belt! Rather than having picks lying all around, you can keep them cinched in there.

  17. I love the look of this kit, the versatility of it looks awesome. The thought of the hinge is ideal for use on a shoulder or chest webbing

  18. I really want to start to pick locks but my parents can’t afford it. Happy farthers day. And great vid.

  19. I am just a beginner and this looks like a very good kit that you would be very confident to use. Thank you for the review!

  20. Happy father day, my father and I are lock lovers and we would like to have this kit. As always thanks fot this great vid !

  21. I am starting to believe the give aways aren’t real. I’ve registered and gave the secret words and comments and all that every time and have never won a single solitary thing…..

  22. Meant to say that I’d probably add some tok tension bars in there also, they lay flat, so they’d fit well

  23. Sparrows has some tough .015 picks, they can put up with some abuse. that set shown with bob’s additions is pretty much perfect, in terms of portable sets. No handles can be tough on the hands, but in some situations that’s the least of your worries.

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