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(875) Review: SouthOrd’s C1500 and C1510


SouthOrd's C1500 and C1510


Material Quality9.5
Reader Rating: ( 17 votes ) 6.5


I often find advertiser’s product descriptions somewhat confusing, and that was happening with these two near-identical kits.  Several of you asked about the kits and wanted to know what made them different (and why one was $5 cheaper) so I bought both for a side-by-side comparison.  In short, they ARE nearly identical, with only a few minor differences.  The $5 price difference is primarily because the C1510 has handles on every pick, while the C1500 has only 5 picks with handles.  Apart from that…. not much difference.

Either kit is more than suitable for new pickers.  The assortment of tools is pretty good (I would have preferred to see a Bogota included), and the tension tools and leather case are perfectly adequate.  The picks in both sets are 0.023″ thick stainless steel, so I think they are durable enough for the roughest pickers.




  1. Great review and comparison. Are there any picks in there that you’d consider carrying full time in your own arsenal?

  2. i don’t think it’s a really good kit for proffisionals, but it is really good for anyone starting at lockpicking, i would like to win it

  3. Just got into picking after accidentally buying a goso kit. would love to win.
    ps your videos are really awesome

  4. It said I won todays drawing but I wasnt able to find where yt?o give my info. I signed up for ur news letter but it only asked for my email.

  5. I really have been liking SouthOrd so far. Just started picking and have been doing pretty decent. Started w a real cheap set of GOSO and don’t really care for them. After using SouthOrd and one Peterson bogota, I’ve been having much better luck.

  6. I’m spoilt now ‘should I wish for GOSTS TOK wrench kit or Southfords picks’ truth is at the moment I’d take any, there all an improvement to what I have

  7. So hard being a picker and a prison Gard all the locks I look at 1 i can’t pick and 2 I’ll never be able to pick…

  8. I’m absolutely new to lock picking and I really enjoy your videos.
    I only own a 6 pcs set which is nice for the first steps, but I want moa! 😀

  9. I’m addicted to these videos for some reason. Still picking with paperclips because I don’t have a set, but I’ve gotten many locks open with them lol

  10. I know that there are pick sets out there that have everything, and the kitchen sink, but I seem to make use of the same old group of picks to get anything done. I think the 1500 is adequate for my needs. Both great kits though!

  11. Hi Bill started lock-picking couple weeks ago, either kit would be great addition to my beginners kit. Great review.

  12. My first current kit is a Southord, but not nearly as nice as that kit, but I can’t complain, because I found it and thats how I started picking in the first place.

  13. I have Learned so much from watching your videos Bill i just would like to say thank you.

  14. I’m just starting picking and your videos have really helped. Thank you for making them!

  15. I love it. It would make for a great starter lock picking kit for me. Have been wanting to get into picking for awhile now. Love your videos man. Thanks!

  16. I am just getting back into picking after about a 20 year hiatus and have picked up some Peterson’s and Sparrows picks but I have to say that SouthOrd’s picks hold up well and end up being a good deal for the money. Their new thick high yields have to be crazy tough. Love your site Bill! Incredible resource; all I had to go on was “Easy Pickings,” back then. That book has been around for a while! I’ve learned more in two weeks, watching your videos, than I figured out on my own in a couple of years. I did lose my feel though and I’m trying to get it back. I had thought it was like riding a bike, but it isn’t; if you don’t keep it up you lose it. It is really frustrating to not be able to pick what you once could. It will come, thanks for the site.

  17. Love all of your videos! very informative. keep up the excellent work. thank you for all your hard work.

  18. Thanks for your teachings, I keep trying to enter to win something but on my phone cant find, love your tools I keep trying to make some tools with a file, its good though I learn about the metals. Thanks for your videos

  19. I just bought the 1500. Very nice set but really could of benefited from this video if it was done earlier.Lol.

  20. I’m a HUGE fan of your work! I’m shopping for a pick set now and your reviews are tremendously helpful. Thanks for what you do!

  21. Nice kits, not badly priced either. Thanks Bill for the info . . . …….

  22. Might have been a better marketing decision to have included all picks in each set and then made the difference by having all-handled vs. no handles.

  23. Those are both good looking sets. I haven’t been disappointed by my PXS-14 set, and the 1500 and 1510 sets look really nice as well.

  24. There is a search feature on the right side of the page in the navigation bar. If you don’t know how or where the giveaways occur, use the search feature, this is where I looked and found out how and where.
    Another method using Google: ‘keyword/s site:website.com’ would look like this ‘giveaway drawing site:lock-lab.com’

  25. How do you actually enter the giveaway? I can’t find the ‘button’ I remember being there once.

    1. Scroll to the page header (top of the page when you scroll all the way up) and look between the “Contact Us” and “Blog” buttons, you will see “You Won!”… click on that to see if you have won. To enter go to the home page and click on one of the giveaway banners. If you cannot figure that out there is no hope for you.

  26. I like the nice narrow profile. I could have done with some picks like these to help with the Lockwood & Kasp Padlock I purchased recently. Both have very narrow paracentric keyways. Ended up making a home brew pick to open both

  27. Tnx for the review cheif, i would spend $5 for having the handle, great set of picks for beginners.

  28. I started with the C1510 and still have a couple of the picks in my pocket set. The slim-line (euro) shallow hook is especially good for restricted keyways. These are pretty much ready to use out of the package, but with a little bit of polishing with sandpaper (less than I have to on my Sparrows and Peterson’s), they are ready to rock and great picks for the price.

  29. I would love to have either one of those kits, both would get the job done for somebody just starting out like me. Keep up the great work.

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