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(890) Review: Multi-Pick’s ELITE 27 Pick Set


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. Bill,
    As always, great video. I’m just taking a guess, but I believe the “Z” shaped tension wrenches are for use with lever type locks, such as those used on safety deposit boxes that utilize a flat key. I’ve never had my hands on one, but I think the tension wrench is inserted to the back of the keyway and then the levers are manipulated to set them. The different lengths corresponding to different cylinder lengths.

  2. Hey Bill, a friend in the picking community says for those that aren’t fluent in German, if you click on the cog wheel button and click on the drop down (dunno if it’s first or second choice, that it will change the site to English. Hope this helps.

  3. hey, b.b.! I was recently locked out of our house and bedroom at home, “i live with my adult children”so I wanted to learn basic lock picking for future incidences! I can only say after watching your videos, and alittle practice I pivked my first a couple weeks ago.now its become a new hobbie I guess.you teach well and my hats off to you thanks b.b.

  4. Very nice set, why i love German made stuff so much attention to detail. Keep up the great videos!

  5. When I go to you won it says u won I registered for fan appreciaten but I have not been contacted

  6. Typical beautiful German engineering and manufacturing, that set is just gorgeous! I’m still using my original, made it myself on a bench grinder from old hacksaw blades, pick set and hey it works right?

  7. Just saw this review outstanding g set love the challenge vids too hope to win this set be great starter set for me keep the great vids coming

  8. Your picking skills are quite amazing, here in the uk we use many more lever type mortise locks, could you show us how to overcome these, all the best.

  9. I have been binge watching many of your videos over the past few days and I have decided to start learning and practicing how to pick locks. Thanks for the lessons.

  10. Seams like whatever you pick you get opened. I know you said there were some you could not get opened. (Im sure in time you will tho) but having good tools are a must. I am working on trying to afford good tools. This set would be a great start. Thanks for the way you present yourself in your videos. Very helpful to me.

  11. How do I win this kit- it looks great- I only have a cheap Chinese set -with no S-rakes or any high quality pics

  12. Nice reviewed. It looks like a really complete kit.. most to have.
    Send it to me, Bill… Lol

  13. I like the good quality of Multipick Service. The have really good tools. I only seen and tested them in competition. Never owned such great tools for my own 🙁

  14. Just had a look at the description on the MultiPick site of those “unusual” shaped tension wrenches that had Bill confused. It says they are locks with small keyways like letterboxes. Maybe they are TOK wrenches with the long end inserted into lock like an old car engine crank handle ☺

  15. Wow! 😨, beautiful pick set, Bill. Thanks for sharing. its a shame the Americans (Petersons)making huge profits on small amount of stainless steel and leather, CANNOT keep up with the Germans – embarrassing !! 😢👎
    and 2 thumbs up 👍👍 to the Germans !! Priced well also.

  16. Nice kit for sure. I would love to see you review the new sparrow widgets bypass tools.

  17. By the way. …just finally saw one of your older videos I guess. …”PICKING UNDER STRESS” I was crying from how much I laughed! You should be a comedian man. …anyways really would be my first real kit if I win this. ..fingers crossed. …

  18. Well I submitted just like the instructions told me. ..crossing my fingers for this one BOSNIANBILL…All the picks I end up making always bend or just get pain old weak when I give it the finishing touches. …really hope that I win this awesome kit…I’ve learned a lot from you Bill. Keep those videos coming.

  19. The tention tool might bee for bottom of the key way. slide it all the way in to the key way so the little tip you wanted to cut off then sits behind the last pin and holds the tool I place. Also why there is different lengths so you have one for a 5 pin lock and a longer one for 7 pin locks.

  20. Great looking picks and no sanding or loving makes a change but bit privy for me

  21. Now that is a very very nice set. The case looks like it’s excellent quality and the picks themselves look to be well made.

    For those asking how to enter, register for the newsletter from the lock lab front page. And yes, this decreases my chances of winning these beauties, but everyone should get a chance.

    1. That’s not correct. The newsletter does not register you for the giveaway (the newsletter in the footer). instead, you click the ‘YouTube Fan Appreciation FREE Giveaway’ button on the home page.

      There are currently four giveaways running all the time. There’s a drawing about once a week for this one, then there’s a Monday, Wednesday and Friday giveaway that is perpetual, the prize changes frequently, and each week three winners are chosen. So four times per week you can win something, free.

  22. That is one heck of a nice bit of kit! I throw all my picks in to one of those little sparrow nylon cases and its getting crowded in there 😉 — It’s not clear how to enter the contest so hoping this gets me in the 🙂

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  23. Hey Bill! Beautifully crafted, obviously high quality set. Having said that, the design on them to me (and I am a noob, and a layman) look exactly like SouthOrd designs? I just picked up a PXS 14 and was browsing the SouthOrd site to get some rakes to go with the set and noticed they look v e r y similar to Multi-pick so I looked there too. Other than quality, and price, I can’t see a big difference (remember I’m no expert). You always say “The lock can’t tell”, and don’t get me wrong, I’m gonna enter to win, they look sweet, but am I off track here?
    Love the vids, Love the Tribe! Thanks Bill!

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