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(893) Review: Specialty Tools from USALockPicks


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. Hey guys my name is Mike and I’m a huge fan. I’m a tool maker by trade and have recently added lock picks to the menu. I’m just more or less looking for a general consensus. I’m currently producing a new line of lock picks and was hoping some of you guys could give me your feedback as far as the top 10 characteristics of a lockpick that you like to see. Any input would be greatly appreciated and look forward to seeing what you guys have to say thanks and have a great day

    1. Mike, another tool maker here. I use to work for Volkswagen, nice to know that you are one of us.

  2. Hey Bill! Good review. My money is still going to Sparrows or SouthOrd. Thanks Bill!

  3. The credit cad set might be a good little set to keep in your car or your bug out bag.

  4. I like the idea of the credit card set, though the case is a little cheap. The folder doesn’t seem that great unless you’re in a pinch

  5. I ordered the keychain lock pick a few days ago, before I saw this video. I assumed it would require a little tweaking. Just another addition to my edc. I already have the tubular lock pick and used it to get into a couple of my gun cabinets after I lost the key. It worked really well.

  6. I purchased a Haoshi jackknife folding Pick set on dhgate.com for $12 that runs rings around that hideous folding set. This is the first giveaway I’m not entering.

  7. Once again, a very thorough review. Thanks for all the hard work. You must be stress free lately, your fingernails aren't gnawed to the quick. Did you retire from the full time?

  8. Wow. Those items make DHgate look good. I don't think lock lab has ever reviewed anything that overpriced. Goso and klom look high end by comparison.

  9. Keep up the good work so glad you showed this stuff as I was looking at it myself just saved me some money , we all love the gadgets but we all got crap in the workshops draws that we got as good ideas

  10. question Bill, do you ever tinker with some of these with your own ideas on how to improve them? looking at the credit card set, thinking it be interesting to make other picks for it.
    another question. heard you .mention about noon bucket. how does one get challenge locks from you?

  11. Wow, these are some steep prices for these picks. Thanks for going into detail about the tubular locks, I did not know how exactly one can pick them but now I understand perfectly.

  12. wow these are awful xD "it's a nice little tool but not for 25 bucks" well yeah, but then… would you even want this if it was 5 bucks? Or would you rather have soomething that's really worth the 25 bucks xD Quite frankly I wouldn't want these for free. But thanks for the reviews, I appreciate every video you do for us!

  13. I have one of those tubular wrenches, and it's awesome. The single-wafer end also works great for TOK tension on smaller locks and locks that very paracentric.

  14. I prefer the tubular pick for actually picking tubular locks. plus it allows you to cut a key after by just going to you tubular key duplicator.

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