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(899) Review: Sparrows Competitor Pick Kit


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. I just started lock picking and have learned a lot from just viewing your videos. Thank you helping other learn this art.

  2. Learning a lot from you and not being rushed is the great thing about you
    With a kit like like this I could one day give instruction
    Thank you

  3. Very envious of the case this set comes with, at the moment I’m scrabbling through a wooden cigar box
    jammed with assorted tension tools and picks, I’ve been lamenting my complete inability to sew after seeing some
    seriously impressive homebrew rolls.

  4. I’ve been using paperclips and knowledge from your videos to successfully pick 3 locks in my house so far. I really need to upgrade my home locks and pick set haha. This set would be great!

  5. I own the tuxedo set. I add two layers of heat shrink tubing to the handles. Much more comfortable for protracted picking sessions. Good picks but Peterson picks are my favs.

  6. Love this case. Particulary the way it provided easy access to the Picks. Currently sold out on Sparrows site. I emailed them & no more in till November. Dam 😂

  7. Always enjoy your videos, just found this site off the YouTube link. Thank you for taking the time to set up a FREE corse. That’s pretty cool.

  8. wrenches are what I am having trouble with ,with this kit I will have no excuse

  9. Perfect set for Beginner..Got me beginner set off picks-But time too save for a Set like these.Thanks for showing us,its peace off mind when buying eguipment and having the advantage off your previews….

  10. I’m a beginner, well I’m less than a beginner as I hav’nt even started yet. I only discovered your videos this week and love them. I cant wait to get started and I am just looking around for the best price for picks as I’m in Ireland probably going to go for the sparrows vorax, unless I win these. Thanks

  11. The dipping fluid shallowly etches into the steel so the plastic will stick. I made a video on how I clean these up. If they have some deep divots in the shanks I will start with 120 grit then go to 240 grit. Then I go to 360, 500, and then sometimes to 1000 grit or finer, and finish with Turtlewax buffing compound and an Arkansas sharpening stone and finish inside curves with Mitchel cord and then with some wet rubbing compound imbedded into twine. I use a medical Arkansas stone and those have a different radius on either side, to get those inside curves. YES polishing helped my efficiency & speed by at least 25%, at least on the Sparrows picks anyway.

  12. I’m a beginner and this is essentially my dream kit right now! Thanks for all the videos!

    1. Great beginners set for sure, and so is the Tuxedo! If you get either, buy 3 or 4 separate picks. Two hooks in .015″ and a triple rake in .015″, and maybe a the comb combination tension tools, or top of the keyway tension wrenches and you have a really great set, for under $100.

  13. Bill always confuses the Euro and the standard hook. The Euro has a slight dip before the hook goes up, the standard doesn't – the wider point is the standard, the narrow point is the Euro. The dip is what makes the Euro special. To be fair, they do look really similar, but I don't think I've seen a video that Bill hasn't confused them

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