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(246) AVOID THIS LOCK!! U-Change – EASILY Bypassed


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. Just picked up one mainly to study that inside mechanism. Had not clue it could be bypassed. Picking, yes. I did that. Cant believe no one knew about the vulnerability before.

  2. Hello

    I wanna pick up a lock but not sure which tools would be the best. Can I send you the photo to have a look at the lock and letting me know what do u think? 

  3. Aaaah, I was wondering what that little hole was for besides the usual keyway, and….. WHAT?!! Stuff a tool in there and it opens the lock?!

    For what this is worth, they'd just might as well have a round hole in the glass window so that you can reach inside and operate the thumbturn!

    Haha, these are one of these locks that appears to "talk-the-talk", but they cannot "walk-the-walk".

    Oh dear. 🙁

    Thanx for showing,


    19th April 2015, 17.33

  4. Try checking out the locks on the electronics room where most of the high end valuables are actually at. Typically medeco or abloy or something else that won't give so easy and lots of cameras around too. The front door of a business really is a place where most places have the highest amount of keys out, and electronics rooms the fewest number of keys that are very hard to duplicate.

  5. these damn, oops I mean dumb locks are used for two main reasons
    A) Store managers can change keys when needed themselves
    2) The store won't have to call a locksmith to have the locks changed

    Of course we do get calls for these cause store managers are human and screw up the rekeying

  6. My nearest best buy uses Assa Abloy locks. That looks like a dimple lock. It looks exactly like that u-change lock but it just says "Assa Abloy."

  7. Had to come back and watch this after Alex's video series detailing the internals of these locks. Clever design, but so horribly insecure.

  8. I love U-CHANGE locks! I know that they are very easy to pick and bypass but I just love the way they look and how they work! I have 20 of them now and they are really the only locks that I would buy at the moment (if I find some for a good price). You have to give U-CHANGE credit for making key blanks impossible to find though… even cut keys are a total bitch to come across. Good video man!

  9. Thanks bud. No, we only got about 2 inches. Yesterday i was out riding my bike in 60 degree sunshine. Go figure. George Bush sure did screw up our weather…

  10. Yes, it is incredibly sad that this lock very easy to bypass. However, hopefully a business will have physical security in layers. Cameras, alarms, better locks on expensive merchandise should surely be in place when having millions in inventory . If any storefront (especially with windows that can be broken) with expensive merchandise only relies on their front door lock, then perhaps their insurance companies need to adjust their premiums.

    Thanks for the video!

  11. I certainly wouldn't have one of these on my property but it's only one layer of security. Surely these businesses have Alarm systems and CCTV and of course they have insurance so what do they care. Nice quick picking though.

  12. Already on it. I got his email and have send him the link to the video. Tonight though, I'm going shopping for a new big screen TV and surround sound system…;) You need anything?

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