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(343) Iseo Padlock Picked Open and Improved


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. Funny that you should say that! I went out and picked up an Abus Granit after watching some of your videos. Now I can't think of anything valuable enough to secure with it.

  2. Haha….. that is quite epic. 😀 To take a lock, slice it in half and then modify it to go in a padlock. LOL. 😀

    Go one better: You sliced a door lock in half. This means that you now have another lock which is keyed-alike to your padlock.

    If you can get another padlock and remove the core from it and then modify the second half of the door lock and put it into the second padlock…. you then have two padlocks keyed-alike to each other! 😀

    Thanxx for showing,


    17th April 2015, 02.13

  3. hey bill,   could you do a vid in the future talking about keys and what you say about radical bidding?? Maybe about how to tell if its tight tolerance, etc!! Just want to know about when you describe keys for locks and the way they are cut to help me get the mental picture!!  thks  Carl

  4. I only have 2, the Rotolock and the Iseo. Those are hard to find. next time I go to Namibia I know where to buy more of the Iseo padlocks though.

  5. PS2: "If only I owned sth valuebale enough to justify using this lock"
    LOL 😀
    MAybe put it on the lock lab? 😀 There's lots of nice lock in there and I sure think many good pickers are lurking around it 😀

  6. Bill next time we make a trade do you think you could send me one of these nicer sturdier padlocks which accept a half euro profile cylinder?
    (PS. I'm RobertG595 I just changed the channel name and now I can't change it back… 😀 )

  7. I think he means your abs as in abdominals Bill. Like in: go in the gymn and get a sixpack. NOW 😀

    OK so with a bit more seriosness: I think ABS is also used as anti break system as in a method to stop people from breaking euro profile cylinders in half.

  8. except for the U.S. government versions, they all still have serrated pins. Get yourself an old model 700 (cheap) from eBay just to be sure.

  9. Hey bill after picking that master lock 911 a few times i decided to see what's inside I found 3 serrated 3 serrated spools I was very surprised I did not no I could pick serrated pins so thanks I would have put it on YouTube my computer is broke

  10. Thomas, hard to say. I paid $38 for the original 5-pin padlock. I suppose the 1/2 cylinder ISEO R8 would sell for about $20, but I'm guessing. In mass production they could probably sell it for around $50-60 – nobody would buy them at that price point. Hey, I never said my ideas were practical! Just fun.

  11. Well done Bill! The original core looks like it's ½ a euro to begin with…it has the same indents where the hole(in the middle) used to be….I would almost bet that every lock they padlock they produce has a twin out there!

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