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(460) Chicago Double-Wafer Padlock Picked Open


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. I have this lock…seen better days…Different keyway, Every once and a while I'll lube it up, but it's bound up and shackle has been cut. Hoping one day I can service it better and replace shackle without an act of congress.

  2. Bill, that's the 2nd wafer video I seen and you didn't dust off the snowman picks and show us what they are all about.
    P.S. I FOUND A NEW WAY TO BYPASS A PADLOCK THAT I HAVEN'T SEEN IN THE 10000 VIDEOS I HAVE WATCHED. takes a knife internally to release the left mech & 1 shim for the right locking mech. Use knufe upwards into locking bar mechanism a brass piece & drag right. this releases the left locking mechanism.The bottom left spring pushes the left shakle upwards just enough to clear the catch. on this lock I was able to release it and the locks spring kept it picked for me to focus on releasing the right sides locking mech. The right locking mechanism wasn't accessible internally. Having the left side free held up by its own spring gives you both hands to shim the right side shackle releasing its locking mechanism. 1 knife 1 shim open!
    >name is Johnyrocket contact me at johnyrocket70@gmail.com
    i am using android & can't PM for some reason. I would like to send you an email bill .
    New picker in town. pickers are welcome to email too. I need more types of locks to practice on.
    thanks, johnyrocket70@gmail.com

  3. Those actually have 11 wafers. I have two tiny versions of these (1 1/8") and one large 2" model, and interestingly enough that claim to not be shimmed might hold up, one of the locking mechanisms appears to be a very early design for today's ball bearings, which is pretty neat.

  4. I just found one of these a couple weeks ago, it had been hanging on a hasp on the door of a shed up in the mountains for at least 20 years, when someone had broken into the shed years ago the short flimsy screws holding the hasp on had failed and nobody had ever bothered to fix it. I also manged to find the key for it on a high windowsill along with a key to Corbin warded padlock. The mechanism was gummed up with corrosion at first but a little 3 in 1 oil got it working like new.

  5. Nice old lock and first class picking as always. Also your double sided type picks look handy for maybe emergency openings, to try in an emergency.

  6. This is THE PERFECT advise video for picking wafer tumblers! I will try to pick the two that I have here now (the ones where the keys won't work). Will see if I can find some more interesting stuff. Your package is fully tracked and on the way with an EVIL private profile Wilka inside a padlock body :D

  7. Neat lock…better watch out Bill, those Mounted PoPo's always get their man….lol 
    Most people have no idea that they are Canada's equivalent to the FBI…our police on the federal level…. 
    Then you guys have State Police and we have Provincial Police (But only in 2 Provinces, Ontario & Quebec) 
     Then the city police is the same…..but you guys still have Rangers & Sheriff's…
    We have Sheriff's too but they usually only work directly with transportation of offenders….they don't arrest folks…

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