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You Won!!!

Winners of LockLab’s FREE drawings

You can enter each contest one time per week. I’ll send an email to winners asking for a mailing address and you’ll have 30 days to claim your prize after receiving the email.

All giveaways are listed on the homepage above the first article.

If you’re picked I’ll email you for your shipping address and your package will be sent within a week (normally)



January 2019

Date Giveaway Prize User Shipped
01/02/19Wednesday Sparrows Tuxedo KitDDExpat01/08/19
01/04/19Friday Sparrows Tuxedo KitMagister01/08/19
01/05/19Saturday Coyote Mountain Skelepick Standard KitPat T-BallTBD
01/07/19Monday Southord Pagoda Rake KitBusterDude01/17/19
01/09/19Wednesday Sparrows Tuxedo Royale KitDave TGS01/17/19
01/11/19Friday Sparrows Tuxedo Royale KitEdward PTBD
01/12/19SaturdayTrilogy, Polaris & Ultimate Challenge LockTBDTBD
01/14/19Monday Southord Pagoda Rake KitRandomM01/17/19
01/16/19Wednesday Sparrows Tuxedo Royale KitM. Henry01/17/19
01/18/19Friday Sparrows Tuxedo Royale KitTBDTBD
01/19/19Saturday Want a Sneak Peek?  Click here.TBDTBD
01/21/19Monday Southord Pagoda Rake KitTBDTBD
01/23/19Wednesday Sparrows Tuxedo Royale KitTBDTBD
01/25/19Friday Sparrows Tuxedo Royale KitTBDTBD
01/26/19Saturday Want a Sneak Peek?  Click here.TBDTBD
01/28/19Monday Southord Pagoda Rake KitTBDTBD
01/30/19Wednesday Sparrows Tuxedo Royale KitTBDTBD
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