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Thank Goodness Spring is here!  It has been pretty miserable working in the shop during this last winter, even with space heaters.   The bike is prepped and ready to go!

There have been several projects going on in the LockLab lately. I’m continuing to upgrade the video and audio editing software to give the videos a more professional appearance.  The sound levels of the intros and outros, unfortunately, are still plaguing me with inconsistent levels.  The video software “normalize” feature simply isn’t working as advertised, but it is a known but and I have Magix working on it.  In the meantime, I’m doing my best to adjust the sound levels manually.

I’ve been putting together a lock picking course, my first commercial product.  I never realized how much material was needed for a comprehensive course, but have accumulated several Gigabytes of video.  It’s been over a year of work, but I should be putting finishing touches on it over the next month or so.  I have no interest in starting an eCommerce site and have asked LockPickShop to market and distribute the course, probably later this Summer.

There’s a lot going on in the Lock Picking world! The first OzLockCon is taking place in Melbourne, Australia from 3-4 June 2017 (https://ozlockcon.com/).  It is open to everyone and will cover both mechanical and electronic locks and security systems. They will also be holding some competitions with some pretty cool prizes.

Toool has an online calendar (http://toool.us/calendar.html) showing all of the chapter’s meetup places and times.  Some look especially interesting because they’re held in brewhouses!   To find a chapter near you, check out this page:  http://toool.us/meetings.html.

 ==============SALES and DEALS=============

  • LockPickShop is offering a 10% discount to the LockLab Tribe. Use the discount code: LOCKLABTRIBE.
  • Multipick in Germany is now offering shipping to anywhere in the N. America for 10 Euros! With the exchange rate so favorable right now, take a look at their website for some interesting tools and deals.
  • Sparrows has several new products on their website too. No discount code but with the Canadian dollar getting pummeled, it’s like getting a 26% discount already.  Remember, the prices on their website are in CANADIAN dollars, so multiply by 0.74 to get USD prices. It’ll never be any cheaper…
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