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This week I installed an extended validation SSL certificate on the LockLab. This ensures that ALL of your Green Bardata going back and forth to the servers (there are multiple) is secure and encrypted, but that’s not all.  I obtained the “Extended Validation” certificate which is the premier security certificate.  The vetting process is very thorough and it took over two months to earn it.

This should put everyone at ease regarding any data transmissions, whether entering the contests, signing up for the newsletter, using our contact or comment forms that your data is safe, and my certificate allows me to encrypt data both ways.

If you look at the URL bar in your browser, you’ll notice it has a green bar normally found on websites of very large companies like banks and major shopping networks. In Internet Explorer it turns the entire URL window dark green. In Chrome it adds a light green bar to the left of the “https” in the address and in Firefox it shows a light green bar next to it.

Why go to all this trouble?  Well, during the first month the website was taking a lot of hacking attacks. While LockLab doesn’t store personal data or financial information, it freaked me out that hackers could run roughshod through our Tribal Area.  The techies that I have locked up in the basement told me the website was secured by a….Master Lock.  Now, with the SSL and EV certificate the site is secured by an Abloy disc detainer.  As a sidenote, this was done more for your protection than mine. Certificates don’t protect against hacks, they just ensure that 1. this site is who it says it is, and 2. we are encrypting your data.


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