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(824) 5 y/o Joshua’s Challenge Lock


Can you BELIEVE that a five year old pinned this lock up as a challenge lock?  When I saw the key and skimmed the row pf pins I didn’t feel any weirdness (stiff pins, crunchiness, or jamming) so wasn’t TOO worried.  As it turned out it DID contain a surprise: a missing driver pin and spring.  Fortunately, the key pin behaved itself during the picking and I never even realized it was there or felt any resistance on pin #6.  The first indication it was there was after gutting it and finding the keypin, then later finding the driver pin and spring missing.  Joshua’s father later commented that he found the missing pin and spring while cleaning up.  Now THAT says something about a clean house!  If I cleaned up the LockLab’s floor I’d probably find enough parts to build 10-12 locks!

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