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Lock Noob: Grim Workshop Lock Pick Dog Tags


Some good, some bad, all cool! I’m reviewing all of Grim Workshop’s lock picking dog tags today! 😃👍

Product link: https://grimworkshop.com/collections/all-dog-tags?custom=Everyday%20Carry%20Gear

Remember: only pick locks that are yours and that are not in use! Keep locksport legal!

Contact me at: locknoobcontact@gmail.com

Disclaimer: I purchased these tools directly from Grim Workshop. I do not accept money to do reviews and and there is no expectation for me to review an item positively or even at all. The opinions expressed are my own. I have no sponsorships or paid endorsements with any company, though I do provide designs and consultation to multiple lock pick manufacturers, including Multipick, Sparrows Lock Picks and Wendt. As I only like to show and review items on my channel that I think have some merit, if I don’t like something, I generally don’t tend to do a review and I feed any issues back to the supplier.

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