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THANK YOU for Your Support!

There are THREE ways to support LockLab


Single Donation


Without YOU there would be no LockLab!

Quality content costs money.  Giveaways, Review items, Postage, Website management & hosting, Security Hardware, Video Editing Software, Intros, Music Licenses, Artwork, etc, etc.  Every little bit helps offset these expenses.

Quality content takes time.  Normally you’ll get videos on M,W,F and Saturday, or about 16 per month.  They average 12 minutes, totaling over three HOURS of entertainment.  Every month.  Behind the scenes, it takes about 2-3 hours to set up and create the raw video, another 3-4 hours to edit, add in After Effects, intros, outros, and music, then another hour to compile and upload to YT.  In total, each 12-minute video takes between 6 and 9 hours to make.

Benefits for PayPal Subscription and Patreon support:

  1.  Watch Review videos before they go public .  Allows you to make early buy decisions.  Several hours before posting a review to the public I’ll message you with the private link. Review items are often sold out or back ordered for weeks after a review, but you’ll have several hours advance notice in which to make your decision.
  2.  Are automatically enrolled in EVERY drawing, saving you the bother of registering for each item.
  3. Have no limit on the number of items you can win in a year.
  4. Receive free postage on any items you win.
  5. Have direct access to Bosnianbill w/questions and receive expedited responses.
  6. Get personal satisfaction from supporting the LockLab and the growing LockSport community.
  7. Receive my thanks for your support!

Thank You!

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