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(749) Review: Lockpicking School in a Box



I found this “university” on the Lockpickshop.com webs site for less than $100 and REALLY wish it had been available when I was learning how to pick locks.  The incrementally pinned locks really makes it easy to learn picking, develop “feel” and advance to high security pins.  The five locks have wide keyways, so warding won’t get in your way or dilute the feedback.  These locks are also re-pinnable, so once you conquer the 5 standard pins it is easy to put in spools and serrated pins to advance your skills.

I would have liked to see some security pins thrown in, but they are available for less than $10 online when you advance that far.  Also, the picks are good for these keyways, but if you have other locks with tighter keyways you’ll probably want to pick up a set of Euro profile picks.  Still, these picks are perfectly fine to advance through the locks provided in the kit, even with security pins in them.

This is an outstanding kit to learn on and will save you money and time in your lock picking education.

Stay Safe, Stay Legal,


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