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(764) Review: SouthOrd Dimple Lock Pick Kit


The SouthOrd PXS-15 is one of the few higher end dimple pick sets on the market.  The kit includes a wide variety of picks and has both left and right handed flags, so you can pick either N.American or European dimple locks.  The handle is aluminum and the collet, with a little tuning, clamps tightly and holds the picks securely.  The picks will need some minor shaping and polishing for best performance, but that’s to be expected on any mass produced picks, especially dimple picks with their multi-angled cuts and curves.  When you receive your kit, just plan on spending about an hour fine tuning the picks – and you’ll get superior performance and better feedback from them.  The kit does not come with a case, so plan on finding yourself a small box to keep all the small tips in so you don’t lose them.  During testing my cat was intrigued by the small, shiny things and wouldn’t leave them alone – so laid everything out on a piece of duct tape to keep it together.  He hates duct tape sticking to his feet so that worked well for me…

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