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(813) Review: Sparrows Vorax


I didn’t know what to expect from Sparrows’ newest kit, the “VORAX” but was pleasantly surprised to find it contains ALL of their popular picks.  The tools are made from 301 Stainless steel and come with their thermal (dipped) handles, which I found to be comfortable in my medium (size 8-1/2) hands.  Here’s what I found inside the kit:

1 x Snake rake
1 x Triple peak (Bogota)
1 x Twin Peak
1 x Worm Rake
1 x Short Hook
1 x Euro Hook
1 x Steep Hook
1 x Offset Hybrid (my new favorite hook)
1 x Half Diamond
1 x High Reach
1 x City Rake
1 x SSDeV High
1 x SSDeV Long
1 x SSDeV Deep
4 x Comb Flat bars
1 x Laser Engraved SANDMAN Pick
6 x Tension wrenches

Getting the 3-pick SSDev kit was a really nice surprise, as were the “Flat bars” for TOK tensioning.  The flat bars have comb picks built in, as well as a tubular pick tension tool – a really nice feature.  The new SANDMAN pick is the first newly designed pick to hit the market since the Bogota.  I found it to be an excellent rake – on par with the Bogota.  In addition, the SANDMAN can be quickly flipped over and used to SPP locks – a neat feature if you are trying to pick locks fast.

Anyway, if you’d like a Vorax you can buy them directly from Sparrows Lock Picks – www.sparrowslockpicks.com.


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