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(815) Review: SouthOrd NPS-2000 Pocket Pick


Several viewers who are locksmiths had “hinted” (by sending about 50 emails) that the Pocket Pick was a really nice and useful tool.  I looked at it on the website but wasn’t convinced because the pictures didn’t do it justice.  Still, you guys send in the fan funding to see it so I plunked down the cash on the lockpickshop.com website and reserved judgement.  Only two days later I was inspecting it closely and quickly came to understand the $59.95 price tag.  The level of detail and quality of machining easily justified the price tag.  Too often we forget that quality costs extra, but this little tool is well worth the money.  The knurling, threading, fit and finish are perfect.  The materials are top notch. The tips are 0.025″ stainless steel, fit perfectly into the collet, and lock down tight.  The tool fits well into your hand and the feedback is very good.  Now, having said that – this should not be your primary tool set, even though it has 16 different tips.  Yes, it is a complete lock pick set, but it’s real utility is as a backup kit, something to keep in your pocket, backpack or car for one of those “just in case” situations.  It is very compact, barely larger than a standard pen flashlight.  If there is one thing I would like to see it would be including a Bogota – but I don’t think it would fit into the handle.

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