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(830) Review: Southern Specialities BD-14



Lots of you asked for this and, despite not-so-good experiences with Southern Specialty picks in previous reviews, I placed my order.  This is from their “Black Diamond” series and are made from 1074 spring steel in 0.021″ thickness.  The handles have a kind of zig-zag, or wave but it is purely aesthetic and serves no functional purpose.  At the $35 price point I expected quite a bit more from this kit and was more than a little disappointed in a few things:

  1.  The website description says 14 picks and two tension wrenches in a leather case.  That was not true.  There are only 12 picks and the case is made from cheap plastic.  Not a deal killer, but not accurate either.
  2. At this price point we should expect stainless steel, not spring steel, which is weaker and tends to rust.
  3. Two “fluff”, or junk picks.
  4. No Bogota… what else can I say…?

I liked the selection of hooks, it is probably one of the best we’ve seen so far.  But that doesn’t outweigh all of the negatives of this kit.  Before becoming a diamond, there is black COAL, and that’s a bit more accurate description of the BD-14.   There are MUCH better choices out there and I’d advise you to pass this one by.

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