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(836) Review: Sparrows Creeper Pick Kit



I know, I know…it’s about TIME I got around to this kit!  A large number of you have been emailing me almost every day asking about this kit.  I wanted to take a little time to use it, experiment with the picks, and figure out what gaps, if any, this beautiful little kit had.  All six of the picks are what I would classify as “essentials”, so no worries there.  It has everything the beginner through advanced picker could possibly need – from hooks to rakes.  It even comes with both TOK and BOK tension wrenches all wrapped up in a military grade nylon case.  The REALLY good part, at least for people in the US, it the price is unbelievably low because the Canadian exchange rate is in the dumps right now.  $46 USD is all this costs right now, so you better stock up before the exchange rate rebounds!

All of the picks that come in the kit are 0.025″ 301 stainless steel, REALLY tough stuff.  The only gap I could possibly come up with was that there are no 0.015″ in the kit, so I plussed up the kit with a Sparrows short hook, euro hook, steep hook and triple peak – all in 0.015″, so you can now use it for paracentric, European and Asian keyways.  It doesn’t get any better than this!

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