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(875) Review: SouthOrd’s C1500 and C1510



I often find advertiser’s product descriptions somewhat confusing, and that was happening with these two near-identical kits.  Several of you asked about the kits and wanted to know what made them different (and why one was $5 cheaper) so I bought both for a side-by-side comparison.  In short, they ARE nearly identical, with only a few minor differences.  The $5 price difference is primarily because the C1510 has handles on every pick, while the C1500 has only 5 picks with handles.  Apart from that…. not much difference.

Either kit is more than suitable for new pickers.  The assortment of tools is pretty good (I would have preferred to see a Bogota included), and the tension tools and leather case are perfectly adequate.  The picks in both sets are 0.023″ thick stainless steel, so I think they are durable enough for the roughest pickers.


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