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Veteran’s Day Sales & Other Stuff

Veteran’s Day Sales & Other Stuff


Not getting “new video” Notifications?

A couple of months ago YouTube changed the way they handle your subscriptions.  In the past we subscribed ONCE and it was good forever.  Withr YT’s change you have to click one of the “new video” links at least once a month or YouTube stops sending notifications to you.  You’ll still see the channel in your subscribed folder but just won’t get any new video notifications.  To re-start the new video notifications, you’ll need to re-subscribe to the channels.

Free Donor and Patreon “Monthly Givaways”

Let’s face it, without your support, we wouldn’t be reviewing very many things.  They are the “oil” that keeps this engine running!  In a gesture of appreciation, I’ll draw the name of one donor and one Patreon at the beginning of each month for two free giveaways.  The items will be different every month but will probably focus on new pick sets.  In October, we gave away a pair of the new Sparrows Tuxedo Royales and in November I have two SouthOrd PXS-14s to give away.

Discount Codes and Sales

There are a number of seasonal sales going on right now.  Here are some that I’ve received over the past week, along with discount codes.

UKBumpkeys is offering 20% off of their Serenity Picks until 23 November.  This is the same kit we reviewed and their new shop is located here.

Brockage’s Veteran’s Day sale is offering a free clear practice lock of your choice for any purchase over $70.  If over $99, they offer free shipping. They also have discounts on some of their top-end key machines.

PickPals is offering a 10% discount (code bbillsentme) to the Tribe until the end of November.  In addition, they have two more sales in November:   15th November – “Clickfrenzy” and another “huge online sale in Australia”: the 48-hour OzBargain sale on the 21st of November.

LockPickShop’s Veteran’s Day Promotion starts Friday 11/11 and runs through Sunday 11/13, 11:59PM.  They are offering 15% off everything on their website (including sale items).  The coupon code is VET2016. Most US orders of $99 or more also get free shipping.

Disclaimer:  I do not receive commissions or any proceeds from these sales, do not participate in an “affiliate” program, and do not benefit in ANY way from sales.

Website info (w/links)

Every day I get over 100 emails, most of them asking about something that’s covered on the website.  The most common questions seem to be:

  1. How do I pick locks?  http://lock-lab.com/locklab-university/lock-picking-course-2/
  2. What locks should I practice on?  http://lock-lab.com/locks-to-learn-on/
  3. How do I single pin pick (SPP)?  http://lock-lab.com/locklab-university/lp103-single-pin-picking/
  4. What about Spool Pins?  http://lock-lab.com/locklab-university/lp202/
  5. How about Serrated Pins?  http://lock-lab.com/locklab-university/lp401-serrated-pins/
  6. What are the picking techniques?  http://lock-lab.com/locklab-university/picking-techniques/
  7. I found a cheap kit. It is good?  https://lock-lab.com/tool-zone/tool-quality/
  8. How do I make my own tools? http://lock-lab.com/tool-zone/make-your-own-tools/
  9. Which padlock do I need? http://lock-lab.com/home-security/which-lock-should-i-buy/
  10. Where can I buy lock picks? http://lock-lab.com/where-to-buy-stuff/
  11. Where can I find pick templates? http://lock-lab.com/resources/downloads/

Guys, we’ve put a lot of work into the Tribe’s website to make things easier for you.  It is good for MORE than just registering to win free stuff – it’s a repository of lock picking information.  Take a few minutes to surf around to see what’s there.  It’s all FREE!!

This is YOUR website.  If there’s a subject you’d like to see covered, please send a suggestion via the contact form.


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