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(403) Wilka Primus VX Picked


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. All the Trains in Germany have the same type of Wilka Lock in them,on each single thing locked in the Train.
    Its a round lock and the Keyway has a strange Dent in it,which is cosmetic only i think

  2. Dumb question: What happened to the protector side pin? Did it receive its nudge during picking by accident? Do you remember if that protector pin has to be considered while picking the bottom 6 pins (i.e. has to be picked somewhere in between as it binds at some point) or can it be picked at the end after setting the 6 "main" pins down there (like many active sidebars)?

    Otherwise great picking! (I really hate wardings with close to horizontal shapes as I always end up trying to set the warding ^^)

  3. Bill,you've really let me down. In one video you tell us there's no big money in lock-picking,then you rub our faces in it by showing us your private jet-SHAME ON YOU-the "I love Bill" poster I had in my shed is now lining my ferret's cage-she was disappointed too,

  4. This lock has a free rotating cam as part of them emergency entry feature (if you are really interested Adrian Weber explains it in some detail in his video, the link is in the description). It looks like my pick was at the back of the lock and hit the actuator.

  5. Perfect, I'll arrange everything for you then, reinforcement of the housing walls and windows to RC4 class and also the doors. If we do that we have to do it right, right? I'll let you know when the construction team from Saelzer Building Security comes over!

  6. That sounds GREAT and I appreciate your generosity! Please send four of the RC4 models as soon as you can. With the US Government collapsing around me I'm sure the bullet and blast protection will be useful when the riots start.

  7. Finally someone you got it right to the point! Just kidding 😀 No, these are also more expensive and the Germans are just willing to pay more money on that or at least the companies seem to be.

  8. Can't you get a door with this format? If you buy a really good and for example RC3 rated door for your house it costs between 5000-10.000€ . You can get a decent RC2 (Resistance Class) door for around 2000-4000€ that will do just fine. A bullet and blast proof RC4 door is around 10.000€. I can arrange something for you I know the company that produces these 😀 They do it for embassies mainly.

  9. Yes, yes Adrian, I think we ALL know that German technology is leading edge and FAR exceeds that of the backwards little island country to your North. Word is, their entire tribe survives on a diet consisting only of boiled ground tubers called "potatoes". Apparently, fire is the extent of their technological development so it rather cruel of you to be ridiculing them…;)

  10. There is one special tool with that you can also break the break snap and pull protected locks but if you mount an additional shield in front of these locks there is no way you gone break it nor drill it without making so much noise that the police would come right away. I have actually never seen anyone breaking the drill and pull protected cylinders despite in labs maybe. The British use an anti snap shield we do not use that since the 90s any longer we use the hardened guiding which is better

  11. Thanks Rich, yeah it is kind of a weird set up. It looks like it could still be snapped, but those two hardened inserts would keep us from pulling out the broken half of the cylinder. Cool idea, it would be interesting to see if it actually works.

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