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Which Lock Should I Buy? – BosnianBill's LockLab

Your lock is only PART of your security system!  You can put a super expensive lock on a crappy door and someone will simply kick it off the hinges.  Still, you want to know about locks….here you go:

approvedThe Best Door Locks Available

 These are the best locks on the commercial marketplace and are all very difficult, if not impossible to pick in a reasonable amount of time.  Not all are available everywhere in the world without a special order, but you can get them from Security Snobs (see link below).
  1. Abloy Disc Detainer (Protec2) – Starting at $215
  2. Mul-t-lock (MT-5 Plus) – Starting at $165
  3. Medeco – Starting at $155
  4. Schlage Primus – Starting at $150
  5. Lockwood BiLock – Starting at $160
  6. Evva MCS – Starting at $210

approvedThe Best Padlocks Available

Sometimes you just want to lock up a shed or bicycle or trailer hitch.  For that you’ll probably want a padlock:

  1. Abloy PL 321 (Small) – $35
  2. Assa Desmo Mini Padlock – $50
  3. Abloy PL 330 (medium) – $85
  4. Abloy PL 340 (medium) – $105
  5. Abloy 342 Shrouded (medium) – $155
  6. Evva MCS Shrouded (medium) – $250
  7. Abloy PL 975 Puck Lock (medium) – $110
  8. Anchor Las 834-4 Disc Detainer (medium) – $115
  9. Abloy PL 350 or PL 358 (Heavy Duty) – $135/$185
  10. Abloy PL 362 Shrouded (Heavy Duty) – $265

One of the best sources for home security related equipment, to include the locks listed above is Security Snobs.  Click their logo below to visit their site.


If that’s all you’re after, you can stop here, but if you’d like to know other ways to ensure the security of your home and safety of yourself and family, keep reading.