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Rating System – BosnianBill's LockLab

Companies come and go.  Their finances ebb and flow, and oftentimes the customer is the last to know.  As companies grow or contract their attention to detail, responsiveness to their customers, and quality of their products changes as well.  The LockLab Tribe’s rating system is a simple way of determining how well a company or piece of gear will meet your needs.  How does it work?  As Tribe members deal with companies and buy gear they provide feedback of their experiences to the LockLab.  When a good sample of Tribe experiences are collected, a score is assigned.  Easy.  In that spirit, the scores CAN change.  If an APPROVED company’s service or quality declines their score will go down.  Likewise, if a company receives an AVOID and later improves, their score will move to PENDING, then possibly later to APPROVED.  This is NOT a snapshot evaluation, rather a reflection of performance and quality over time.

A piece of equipment or company that the LockLab Tribe has used and found to be reliable and of good quality.  Orders are fulfilled quickly and accurately.  Customer service is responsive and ready to address customer concerns.  If equipment, it is of good quality, reasonably priced, reliable and performs as it should.  You should have no hesitation purchasing equipment or dealing with companies earning this rating.


The LockLab Tribe has not yet collected enough experiences with the equipment or company to make an informed evaluation of reliability and quality.  Use caution when purchasing equipment or dealing with companies with this rating. If you DO make a purchase, please send LockLab a comment detailing your experience, good or bad and we can update the rating.

Anything with the “AVOID” rating should be…wait for it…avoided. Equipment with this rating is of low quality, poor design, or does not work as advertised.  Companies with this rating can be difficult to deal with, slow to deliver, inaccurate in delivering orders, have poor customer service, or a combination of these.  The LockLab Tribe does not take this rating lightly and considers the experiences of many Tribe Members before assigning it.  To receive this rating, a company must consistently perform below average. Placing an order may result in the total loss of your money!